November 5, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
South Africa
Gogo Sophia
079 028 8874
Water, Tears & Praise - Accessing the wisdom of water @ South Africa

Water, Tears & Praise

“It is essential for us to welcome our grief, whatever form it takes.  When we do, we open ourselves to our shared experiences in life.  Grief is a common bond.  Opening to our sorrow connects us to everyone, everywhere.  It is sacred work.”

— Francis Weller


In Africa, spiritually water was often used as a powerful agent for healing and moving through grief and sorrow. Water carries our tears, blessings and prayers. It awakens us to the unbridled erotism of nature, to the flow that moves us through pain, that draws abundance, creativity, fertility & wealth into our lives. Through coming into sacred relationship with water as a divine intelligence one can awake to the natural flow of life again.

Humanity is mourning, we are mourning the loss of our loved ones, the state of suffering and daily extinction of sentient beings. Never has there been so much anxiety, uncertainty and trauma in the world. With the intensity of our times, it is important to be given tangible strategies for safely welcoming strong emotions & grief during this time of disruption & transformation.

Crying is as natural as speaking, eating and sleeping, it is part of the beauty of being alive and yet in this day and age, the dominant culture is grief-phobic. Even though collectively we have bared witness to the most catastrophic time in our lives, having to navigate a global pandemic, we still struggle to access our grief and our tears, missing out on the sacredness, medicine and opportunity that this grief holds for us. Our inner & collective grief can make us aware that this deepening catastrophe is actually a call for transformation. We have been taught to view our grief as a weakness, but alas we can awaken to the sacredness of grief & how it is vital to our healing, wellbeing & soul evolution.

Through Shamanic healing, ritual work, teachings and sacred practices, Water, tears & praise will guide you through a 5 part journey to support you to see and understand grief as a healthy part of our human expression & well being. You will be guided on how to move through grief in partnership nature, the great elements and ancient powers. We will explore the misconceptions of grief, understanding death as a sacred rites of passage and tapping into the embodied practices of working with both your inner and outer waters for healing.

What to expect:

Working with water as a Divine Entity.

Awakening to the sacred role of our inner Waters.

Inviting grief while healing from loss and heartache through Shamanic tools.
Accessing grief safely & sacredly
Praying with water as a tool for healing & transformation.
Navigating individual, collective & planetary grief through sacred devotion.
Engaging with the global pandemic, mass extinction & the ecological catastrophe as a soul initiation.
Giving Rise to a New world & Navigating the shift into the Aquarian Age.
Engaging traditional perspectives on spirits of and near the waters
Learning ritual practices to engage with grief with local bodies of water.
Cleansing your inner waters through natural medicines & herbal wisdom.
Coming home to yourself through healthy expression of emotions.

What you will receive?

4 weekly Online 90 minutes teachings, ritual embodied work and Q&A via zoom call.
Weekly ritual practices and reflection exercises.
Sacred 1 day Retreat at a Sacred Site to commune with the water Spirits.
End of Year Despacho, prayer & intention setting.
Shamanic Transmission and water purification ceremony.
Recordings will be made available for those who cannot make the live calls.

This course will support you if you are:

Moving through massive challenges or life transitions
Experienced death of a family member, friend or pet
Stuck in a negative pattern
Difficulty accessing your emotions
Going through separation & divorce
healing from pregnancy loss (ie. miscarriage, stillbirth, infertility);
highly empathetic
job loss, unfulfilled dreams
the end of a relationship
Loss of connection with nature


What is a Despacho?

2020 has been a challenging year for many, it can be a profound blessing to work with the elements to support us to let go of the past so that we can gracefully step into “what’s next”. Being able to sit with the trauma, reflect and share in sacred circle what has unfolded over the year will allow one to let it all go, to allow this challenging cycle of one’s life to end, so that one can open up like a flower to a new year, feeling more grounded with less fear of the unknown. Feeling more prepared for 2021 & what lies ahead.

At a sacred site, we will work with the The Goddess of Water; the Goddess and Spirit of the Sea and Lakes. The energy connected to this Goddess is about letting go. This initiation helps us release the negative aspects of our ego and opens you to the concept of selfless union with others. This is a “flowering rite” –  given into your Sacral chakra and is associated with the element of water, which is cleansing. This rite connects you to the waters on Pachamama – the oceans and the lakes. This energy is also is about creativity, and in order to create from love, we need to be at peace (hence the letting go).

Despachos are a wonderful way to give thanks symbolically to mother Earth and the sacred waters for the many gifts they provide. Shamans are aware that human beings often take more than we give. The creation of a despacho is a way to give back through prayer, intention, and love; doing so is participating in a reciprocal exchange that promotes balance and interdependence.

Online Course: Course date begins: Thursday the 5th of November 2020

Cost – Local Costs_ R1650 (payment plans are available)

Tiered pricing options are also available from ( R 950- R 1350) and 2 payment plans are available in the tiered option.

Please do honestly reflect on your financial resources when requesting a tiered option. This option is present to support those that have been negatively impacted by the global pandemic, unemployed, or are in a lower salary bracket.

International Cost: Excluding 1 day retreat $120 _ Including 1 day retreat $160.

International participation may or may not include the 1 full day retreat held in Magaliseburg, South Africa. When wanting to attend please do make sufficient research on the travel restrictions on both your country and the traveling destination. Dates and locations will be provided on request.

Please do send me an email for bookings. Limited spaces so please book soon to avoid disappointments.

For more information please do email me tsholoa@gmail.com

079 028 8874


About you Facilitator

Gogo Sophia is a traditional healer and Shamnic Priestess who has studied and trained in advanced meditation & breath-work, energy medicine, traditional African therapy and Andean Mysticism. She considers herself an integrated Shaman, integrating cosmic consciousness and the Law of One into her healing work, which is very much focused on the sacred marriage with divinity; awakening the Androgynous State and fully anchoring ones higher self in this physical body. Through her training as a traditional healer, she also incorporates animsitic frameworks & indigenous knowledge systems as a way to diagnose & heal, incorporating partnership with the Ancestors, elements of nature and ancient powers, as a way to restore harmony and balance with oneself and the world.

She is also a student of the principles of Ubuntu, learning to restore harmony within herself in order to be in the right relationship with others. Her life long soul initiation has been to bring harmony between her inner shadow & light, to heal the wound of separation within herself so that she can support others to do the same. Polarity integration supports us to return to wholeness by overcoming the illusion of separation, and as we heal ourself in that way we invariably support our immediate environment and the rest of humanity to awaken to healing. That is how we serve humanity. By bringing healing to ourselves we bring healing to all others. We heal ourselves by returning to wholeness.

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