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Magaliesburg Vision Quest @ Thirsty Falls Guest Farm
Feb 21 @ 5:00 pm – Feb 23 @ 11:00 am
Magaliesburg Vision Quest @ Thirsty Falls Guest Farm | Hartbeespoort | North West | South Africa

Magaliesberg Vision Quest: Weekend Wake Circle

A weekend of transformation processes using many shamanic tools
such as breath and sound, coaching as well as the medicines of Ayahausca and San Pedro to name a few. These weekends are aimed at people who are really wanting to get involved in shifting their own lives.

February Friday 21st 17.00 till 11.00 Sunday 23rd
Venue: Thirsty Falls guest farm
Value Exchange: R3400
16 Spaces Available

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“‘In love, aside from sipping the wine of timelessness,
nothing else exists.
There is no reason for living except for giving one’s life.
I said, “First I know you, then I die.”
He said, “For the one who knows Me, there is no dying.””

At a time of the year were love is very much at the forefront of our culture, we invite you to spend a heart opening weekend in sacred ceremony. The space will be anchored by the team of Mad Hatters facilitators who have safely guided many people into what they fondly call ‘Natures soul ” over the years.
The team will Lovingly be there to offer any additional assistance needed by those learning to navigate the shamanic states for the first time.

The weekends will be spent drumming, singing and chanting among a beautiful group of soul explorers. Guided by the visionary plant medicine and your facilitators, the team hopes to help guide you to the healing and answers we have all found in this ancient practice.

Please note !
To attend this event we will require you to commit to doing a detox in preparation. This information will be sent you you once you have confirmed your booking by making your deposit and filling in the entry form. One of the facilitators will then give you a short call to make sure you understand, and of course to help support or answer you in anyway you might require.

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Love, Relationships & The Sacred Marriage
Feb 22 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Love, Relationships & The Sacred Marriage @ Randburg | Gauteng | South Africa

Love, Relationships & Sacred Marriage

February has been globally declared the month of love, with all the collective energy flowing towards this topic it creates an opportunity for all of us to reflect on our own romantic relationships and bringing healing to our hearts.

Awaken to love through a full day workshop that explores how we can navigate love & relationships in a new paradigm during our spiritual awakening. The year 2020 is about restoring perfection and wholeness to the planet, bridging heaven and Earth. We will explore how our intimate relationships can become a doorway to our own spiritual growth andembracing wholeness & sacred union with our Divine self.

We will explore the outdated myths on relationships embedded deep within our human psyche, so that we can abandon the negative archetypes that govern our epigenetics and DNA. We will clear from the energy system the influence of our birth parents & toxic ancestral patterns that prevent us from awakening to greater love.

We will explore the split in consciousness, the wound of separation that has etched the fear of intimacy & rejection into our base and sacral chakra sabotaging our relationships. We will do a soul retrieval journey back to the Lumerian timeline before the split from the Divine so that we no longer feel cast out of the garden of Eden, so that we can deeply feel supported again and re-achor ourselves back into the Feminine & the Earth, while also being supported by the Divine Masculine.

Through concentrating Cacao & advance breath work we will confront the beast within & step outside the realm of the ego, to free ourselves from the rational mind and start to better embrace the language of our feelings, body & spirit. We will start to reconcile and release wounds, aches, hurts, and beliefs so that we can step deeper into our vulnerability & receptivity. We will journey as the grail knight & chalice into the  Womb space of Mary Magdalene who carries the Royal Blood Line of the Kristos.

You will also Awaken to love by receiving a transmission from Dona Theresa. The Goddess of Love, Harmony and Softness. This rite opens your heart to all that is. It clears the energy around your heart so that you may experience your emotions purely without judgment, and so that you may see life with clarity through the eyes of your heart , as well
as clearly expressing your emotions.

We are stepping fully into the Aquarian age and there will be a huge shift in humanity which is why it is so important now more than ever to receive support in aligning with these new energies when in comes to our sacred partnerships, to release old relationship patterns & attract or sustain truly lasting relationships.

All of Gogo Sophia’s workshops are dynamic, lively and interactive. During the workshop Gogo Sophia also channels healing while each participant receives the opportunity to do deep process work and receive soul coaching. Cacao will be consecrated during the meditations & breath work to allow the heart chakra to receive spiritual guidance and healing from a deeper level.
This journey aims to be a transcendental experience of love, to open yourself up to boundless energy of love and to fully awaken to the profound secret that you are birthed from love, and as the children & descendants of love, we shall return back to love in this New Era.


Embracing Sacred Union
Aligning with the infinite flow of love
Overcoming the fear of intimacy
Clearing negative Ancestral Patterns in relationships
Dissolving blocks to expand to Receive Love
Healing the Heart chakra & Returning to Innocence
Embracing love as a souls journey
Clearing the collective imbalance of Divine Feminine and Masculine within
Evolving to self-Love, self knowing, and self-Responsibility
Awakening to Divine Intervention in relationships
Returning to the Garden of Eden
Reviving the Grail Mysteries with you
Awakening to your truth in sacred partnerships
Unplugging from the horizontal trance & collecting consciousness

Date: 22 March 2020

Time: 10am-5pm

Energy Exchange:  R1250 (50%  required to seure booking) The latter is payable 3 days prior to the workshop.

What to bring: Pen & Note book, Pillow, Blanket, cushion, Good drinking water. Lunch

About Gogo Sophia
Gogo Sophia is a High Priestess hailing from the Isis Lineage, From the year 2012 she has been guided by the Syrian council through her shamanic initiation to restore the sacred feminine teachings in humanity. In 2019 she was immersed in a powerful initiation with Lord Yeshua & Mary Magdelene to redeem the key codes that would bring healing to her feminine body & prepare her body to awaken the androgynous state.

She has studied and trained in advanced meditation & breathwork, energy medicine, traditional African therapy and Andean Mysticism. She considers herself an integrated Shaman, intergrating cosmic consciousness and the Law of One into her healing work, which is very much focused on the sacred marriage with divinity; awakening the Androgynous State and fully anchoring ones higher self in this physical body.

She has also received The Androgynous Keys from her Master who holds the the original pure and natural state of consciousness before the gender split in which masculine and feminine attributes are merged, balanced and harmonious. Being given these keys allows
Her to support her own body to regain the consciousness of the Divine as well as to support others to awaken to her androgynous state that supports sacred Union.

Rainbow Retreats: Journey Through the Chakras @ Mvemve Lodge at Grootport
Apr 18 – Apr 26 all-day
Rainbow Retreats: Journey Through the Chakras @ Mvemve Lodge at Grootport | Memel | Free State | South Africa

Journey Through The Chakras takes you on an 8-day quest to uncover and release blockages in each of the 7 main Chakras. Integration of the experiences of the week will follow on day 8, to facilitate a way forward that will enhance the next phase of your healing journey towards lasting wellness, joy and vitality, as you live your Purpose and find true fulfilment in life.

Day 0 will lead you through the door to the start of your quest, as you meet and engage with other participants and set an intention for the week ahead.

Each of the following 7 days will centre around each of the Chakras in turn, from the Base to the Crown. Various healing modalities and activities will be undertaken as part of your quest to balance each Chakra, including Yoga, Reiki, Energy Kinesiology, etc, as well as soul food dining and immersion in nature.

Day 8 will bring it all together as we track back through the 7 Chakras and integrate the lessons of your quest, culminating in a personal vision for the way forward for each participant so that you can impart your gifts to the world as you are meant to.

Each Retreat will be hosted by people who are passionate about supporting the essence of such a retreat, at a venue that lends itself to re-connection with nature and stillness and peace and love. Catering will be aimed at providing for nourishment for the physical body as well as the soul.

This retreat is for those who are ready to come unstuck in a very real way, and to vest their time and energy into paying it forward in an exciting journey beyond this one…

Day 1 “All is One” Explores the Root Chakra, and its link to our foundation. We reflect on your own self-awareness, and work on clearing fears and energy leaks. At the end of the day you’ll have an understanding of the impact of group dynamics on your sense of belonging and how to feel more comfortable, safe, grounded and stable in your own body.

Day 2 “I Honour You” Explores the Sacral Chakra, and its link to our sense of connection to the world. We reflect on your emotions and where you feel stuck. At the end of the day you’ll have an understanding of the impact of relationships on your sense of feeling and how to experience more self-gratification.

Day 3 “I Honour Me” Explores the Solar Plexus Chakra, and its link to our willpower. We reflect on your ego and personal character. At the end of the day you’ll have an understanding of the impact of power and control in your life and how to better define yourself.

Day 4 “Love is Divine Power” Explores the Heart Chakra, and its link to our social identity. We reflect on your intimacy issues. At the end of the day you’ll have an understanding of the impact of intimate relationships on your sense of self-acceptance and your acceptance of others.

Day 5 “Surrender Ego to Divine” Explores the Throat Chakra, and its link to our Creativity and Communication abilities. We reflect on your Truth and expression thereof. At the end of the day you’ll have an understanding of how to communicate in a way that allows you to be heard and to express your creativity.

Day 6 “Seek Only the Truth” Explores the Third Eye Chakra, and its link to our Insight & Intuition. We reflect on your patterns of imbalance and disconnect. At the end of the day you’ll have an understanding of the illusions you experience and how to apply vision and self-reflection to establish personal identity.

Day 7 “Live in the Present” Explores the Crown Chakra, and its link to our Divinity. We reflect on Attachment. At the end of the day you’ll have an understanding of your thought processes and self-knowledge, which will help you in the development of wisdom.

Day 8- Integrate: We will summarise and assess where you are in terms of a balanced Chakra System, and how you can continue this journey of healing as you to walk the Path to Manifestation.

This investment in YOURSELF is for an ALL-INCLUSIVE 8-day retreat, including coursework, light snacks, tea/coffee/liquid refreshments, 3 vegetarian meals per day and very comfortable accommodation on a magical farm. Accommodation included is shared (2-3 people per room); this is encouraged in light of the intention of such a retreat, however, if a private room is required, please make your request in advance (additional costs apply; first-come-first-served). Participants are welcome to bring their own dry food/snacks, but no wet food or alcohol products please.
Space is limited to 12 people. A minimum of 8 participants is required (if this minimum is not met by the deadline date, the retreat may be cancelled). One or two full or partial scholarship places may be available – enquires welcome.
A high-rise bakkie or 4×4 vehicle is required to get to the Venue, where secure parking is available. Transport from Memel, Newcastle or Harrismith may be arranged (please contact me well in advance if you require this service; additional costs apply).

A non-refundable deposit of R6 000 paid by Friday, 21 February 2020 will hold your spot!
An Early Bird price of R 16 000 applies if paid by Friday, 20 March 2020.
Deadline date for bookings and full payment (R16 500) is Friday, 3 April 2020.
Cancellations made before the deadline date will be refunded at 50% of the amount paid (excluding holding deposit if paid).
Cancellations made after the deadline date will not be refunded.
If the retreat is cancelled for any reason whatsoever, a full refund will be given.

I am a complementary health therapist, offering individually tailored treatments, including lifestyle advice, with a focus on naturally promoting health, vitality and balance.

I grew up on the coast of Durban, and spent many exciting early mornings fishing with my dad and sister in Durban Bay, and many enriching family holidays in an array of Game Reserves across South Africa. I acquired my mom’s love of horses at an early age, and have worked and played with these exquisite equines on and off all my life. I was privileged to work with marine mammals at Sea World, as a Biotechnologist/veterinary assistant for an amazing two years. My passion for wildlife and conservation further flamed, my high school sweetheart (now my husband) and I qualified as Nature Conservators, and embarked on a 10-year adventure through the African bushveld, gaining a true appreciation for nature and her wonderful ways! Eventually, my interest in medicine coupled with my love of nature to channel my path towards holistic healing practices, and the rest is history…

I am a registered Allied Health Practitioner (Therapeutic Reflexology & Meridian Therapy), with additional qualifications in Complementary Therapies, including Auriculotherapy (Ear Reflexology), Foot Mobilisation, Holistic & Sports Massage, Aromatherapy, Shiatsu (Japanese Acupressure Massage), Iridology, Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Basic Nutrition & Counselling, Herbalism, Energy Kinesiology, Reiki (Masters), Life Coaching, Vision Board workshop facilitation, & Basic Hatha Yoga (instructor). My approach to healing is thus holistic, and incorporates assessment of your whole being (body, mind and spirit) and application of any relevant modalities or parts thereof in providing support for you on your healing journey to lasting overall wellness, joy and fulfilment in life!

My Direction-deepening Life Experience:
Although I was on my Path to Purpose, I came to a point where I needed to go deeper. To help me realise this, the Universe presented me with a Health Crisis! After a year of struggle myself, and much self-research and many different approaches to healing, I finally figured out the complex interactions of many contributing factors, which have given me clarification about my physical health, but more importantly, expanded my mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, leading to greater direction with regards to my Life’s Purpose…and this is what I want to help you to uncover, through the process of a personal healing experience using natural healing techniques, as well as delving deeply into emotional and spiritual aspects of your true self, so that you can understand the messages being relayed to you by your physical health challenges, and learn to overcome obstacles in the way of you achieving your Life Purpose and Soul Intention. My next step after this experience was to expand my treatment offerings to incorporate spiritual and life coaching practices, and now my passionate mission is to facilitate holistic healing experiences that envelop all of my training and experiences in life to help people to reconnect with Nature and with their own Truth; to inspire a new perspective in people who are in crisis, stuck, frustrated, angry, lost, and unsure of what is next; people who are ready to take some risks, challenge themselves, ask the deeper questions, and who are ready for the answers! My retreats are for people who want to be heard, recognised, valued and appreciated for WHO they are, ready to GET REAL with themselves and the World, and be VIBRANT; to live each day with JOY and VITALITY, and to find TRUE FULFILLMENT as they Live the Life they Were Born to Live!

Located on the Free State/KZN border near Memel and the Ncandu Nature Reserve in the Northern Drakensburg, Mvemve Lodge at GrootPoort is an expanded and (still-getting-) refurbished farm house. The Lodge is nestled in trees in a valley on a 540 hectare (1,330 acres) working farm. The patio and yard open towards pastures and a dramatic ridgeline. Here, the mighty River Klip of Gauteng is still but a stream. The Lodge, surrounded by hills, trees and pastures, sits at an altitude of 1800 meters (6000 ft). The mountains and river valley offer a calming and healing location for individuals and retreat groups.

Mvemve Lodge at GrootPoort welcomes you with spacious and comfortable bedrooms, appointed with 100% cotton sheets and towels. The Lodge also has a large living room, dining room, and a recreation room that opens to the patio and backyard, which will be the focal area for the retreat activities.

The feeling here is peaceful, and visitors have described it as tonic to the harried soul – the magic has to be experienced to be understood – and personal restoration is on the menu!

The owners of this magical venue are semi-retired – Susan Sutherland, who had a long career as an executive in finance and is now a leadership and life coach, and David Mustelier, who still works part-time as an engineer for NASA – and now split their time between San Francisco, California and South Africa. When this couple fell in love with their 540 hectare farm with a 15 bedroom house, they realized they had a small number of important aspirations:
Be good stewards of the land by:
Firstly, ensuring Lodge operations are as sustainable as possible, conserving water, growing their own vegetables, and migrating to solar energy and going off the Eskom power grid ;
Secondly, putting the land in conservancy, and re-introducing wild antelope, suited to this area and its weather, to the farm;
Establish a destination for South African and international visitors to discover and experience how special this part of South Africa is;
Support the local and South African economy by sourcing products made locally or in South Africa;
Become successful enough to at least meet the carrying costs of the Lodge while creating jobs and opportunity for the local community. Our vision includes the potential to train locals in cooking, gate-making (pipe bending and soldering), sewing, and animal husbandry.
Continue to enjoy the adventure they are on, acting as role models for other people who are seeking depth and adventure in their lives, and who have the interest, and potentially the means, to contribute to sustainability and community.


“Handle even a single leaf of a green in such a way that it manifests the body of the Buddha.” How to Cook your Life: from the Zen Kitchen to Enlightenment. Dogen

My vision is to anchor spiritual community. All communities & homes are centered around food & the kitchen. As such any retreat is deeply supported & nourished by the spirituality & centeredness of the kitchen & kitchen staff. There is a Zen tradition of the kitchen master (Tenzo) being greatly revered because he facilitates the spiritual awakening of the other monks. Mindfulness in food prep & the quality of food served really supports the spiritual growth & development of the community it’s being served to. I’m taking the mantle of Tenzo, because of the inspiration of, & gratitude to, the people who have fed me at many, many retreats over the years & inspired me to become vegetarian.

As the kitchen goddess in my home with 3 children & frequently a family of 9, I’ve had all the ups & downs of endless meals, boredom & rushed meal times. As my children leave home I’m finding such delicious, sensuous joy in slowing down & really enjoying flavours & textures. I can find myself lost in the glorious sunshine falling through the window onto a lemon exploding the colour, that smell & the curling juiciness in my mouth as the meeting of joyous sensuality & spirituality within me.

I’m also a Life Coach & Intimacy Coach with a BA Pyschology & have done a lot of deep somatic work around sexuality & the sacred feminine. Conscious dance, yoga, SCUBA & being in forests or by the sea are gateways to bliss for me. I endeavor to infuse each meal with this bliss, & invite you to deep pleasure & sensory delight with every mouthful.

Contact Sandra – +27 78 5355 426 / hhhcomptherapy@gmail.com