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Who is Body and Mind?
Body and Mind is an online health directory for professionals. The site advertises all health and healing modalities. We started in April 2000 and have grown from strength to strength.

What is involved in the Membership Program?
Our exclusive membership system is easy to use and great for business owners and staff at all levels of online competence and understanding. We will train you and offer complete support.

For only R85 a month, you will enjoy the following:

  1. Exclusive Body and Mind Membership (with a badge to add to your homepage. This badge will be linked to Body and Mind, thereby improving the ranking of your website)
  2. Reduced advertising rates on our other services such as mailshots, social media marketing, newsletter etc.
  3. Free article uploads which assists with additional exposure because articles are shared in the national newsletter and splashed out on Social Media
  4. Google map
  5. Biography of you
  6. Unlimited online marketing advice
  7. List you under as many categories as applicable to you

What do I get for my once off set up fee of R1000?

  1. Set up and design of a 7 section webpage on Body and Mind
    Home, Biography, Articles, Map & Contact details, Gallery, Events and Testimonials
  2. Initial consultation (telephonic or skype)
  3. Market research with optimised keyword search
  4. Set up of your own admin section complete with username and password
  5. 10 Minute recorded audio Skype interview which will be converted into a Youtube video which can be used as an advertising tools during future campaigns and we will market it on social media and in our newsletter to our whole database.
  6. Announcement with photo in the following Body and Mind newsletter of your new member status.

How do I become a member?

  • Email us on info@bodyandmind.co.za with your request.
  • We’ll ask for the details you wish to have on your page.
  • Sign your membership form and you’re in.
  • We have just finished revamping our member’s page layout, it now appears with extra functions and is a mini website.

CLICK HERE to see an example of a membership profile page.

Body and Mind APP

For an additional R50 per month you will have a details listing on our Body and Mind Blog and will be on our NEW Body and Mind APP. Our APP will be marketed extensively and is a great form of marketing as everyone will have Body and Mind on their mobile phone and devices. Easy access at their finger tips.

How do I get started?
Send us your membership form with the following information:

  1. A short biography of yourself.
  2. A head and shoulders photo of you.
  3. Address for the Google map.
  4. Website URL (if you have a website.)
  5. Send an A4 page with the information you want to advertise.
  6. CLICK HERE to download the membership form.

How do I pay?
Payment can be made by monthly debit order or EFT by invoice.
All advertising is paid for upfront.

What is a Mailshot?
A mailshot is an email advert sent to our database that advertises only you and your work.
Our country wide database is approx 35 000 email recipients. This database has been divided into 4 groups of approx 6000 in each group.
This is how it is divided:

2 groups in JHB
1 in KZN
1 in the Cape region

The costing works like this:
R840 per group (members rates)
R990 per group (non members rates)

So you can choose how many groups and in which region to send the mailshot to.
We will need the following:
Date you would like to send the mailshot out
And your content (images and text separately)

What is a Newsletter?
You could also take advantage of our monthly newsletter to advertise your business or upcoming event. We send out on the First Friday of every month. We insert a 200 word advert into our monthly newsletter with a high quality image of your company logo or event.

Members: R250 per province or R600 for all provinces.
Non- Members: R350 per province or R800 for all provinces.

What is a Social Media Splash?
A social Media splash is an advert of about 200 words with a picture promoted across all our social media to all our followers.
Facebook page, business page, groups
Google plus
and more.
We have approx. 26 000 followers and subscribers.
We also share your advert to a few other groups that we do not manage but are part of.
We will tag you on the advert too.
Cost is R380 for non members and R300 for members.

What other services does Body and Mind offer?

HERE is a link to all our services and rates.

We can also assist you with typing and datacapturing. Please contact us for a quote. 

Our copywriter can assist you with writing & editoring articles. 

Can I sell products through your site?
Yes, Body and Mind has an online shop.
For a once off fee of just R 100 we will upload and set-up, 1 to 5 products on our online store. There are no monthly costs involved, just a 30% commission when we sell any of your products. We will send you the order and you will send your product onto the customer. You will send us an invoice less commission and on the 7th of the following month we will pay you the month’s total.

What marketing tips do you have to offer?

  1. Send out regular mailshots. Remind South Africa of your amazing service.
  2. Include articles in the newsletter at least once every 3 months. This is free marketing for you.
  3. Do social media splashes with us. We have over 20 000 followers now across all our platforms.
  4. Get onto the Body and Mind APP, this will give you even more exposure.
  5. Do interviews with Body and Mind, we will record them, put them on Youtube and market them. You could even create a series of interviews.
  6. Post events on your B&M members page, Body and Mind Blog and APP.
  7. Share your page, articles and interviews from B&M onto your own social media platforms, even if they are older articles they will reach people who have not read nor seen them before. 
  8. Create a FaceBook page and share quotes and pictures with your friends and family.
  9. Update your LinkedIn profile.
  10. If you don’t have a Facebook page, we’ll help you create one.
  11. Plan for 6 months at a time.
  12. Set short, medium and long term goals for your strategy.
  13. Although Facebook is a great place to start, find 2 or 3 other social media networks that work for you.
  14. Set vision and mission statements.

We are here to help you expand your national footprint. Use us!
What makes a good website?

  1. First Impressions do count:
    The first 7 seconds of a clients experience is the most important. If the site does not catch their attention immediately, chances are that they will navigate away from the page. This is what is called a ‘bounce rate.’ If the bounce rate is high, it means people leave the site almost immediately after landing on the home page. If the bounce rate is low, it means people enjoy browsing the page and spend good periods of time on the page.
    Body and Min’s new design is professional, fresh and clean. It allows for more space for people to advertise but in a way that does not appear like a website full of advertising. Therapists will have YouTube video space for promotions
  2. Easy to Navigate
    A site has to be user friendly. Buttons need to be clear and the overall design quite simple. A lot of research has gone into the new design for Body and Mind and this learning process has given us the tools to help you with your web pages on Body and Mind.
    Body and Mind have has incorporated 3 search reports into one report. This will allow the browser to find a therapist in their area quickly and more easily than before. The different sections of the site are very clear to see and browse through. Graphics are displayed with all articles. Market research shows that people are more likely to read articles that have attractive pictures with them.
  3. Meaningful Content
    The content on the site must coincide with description an perception of the URL name. The URL is very important and should be misleading because it will affect the credibility of the site.
    The new Body and Mind site will zone in and focus more on articles as value. Members submit articles for upload, but each article will be screened for relevance and copy written (if necessary). Articles are also promoted in the bi-monthly newsletter
  4. Fast download
    Any website that takes more than 3 seconds to fully load is considered a slow site and people tend to navigate away from a slow site. Although beautiful images are very important for a site, image size will affect the upload speed. Take this into consideration when building your marketing strategy.
    The new Body and Mind design has been created with the latest web design software and will be fast to download.

Stats for our 3 websites and following

All our Stats are recorded by www.Alexa.com
Alexa is an International Ranking system for all websites.
It ranks the top 30 Million Sites in the world.

Alexa displays stats on the following:

– Traffic and engagement over the past 90 days for national and international traffic flow.

– Engagement of visitors

  • Daily Pageviews per Visitor
  • Daily Time on Site
  • Bounce rate

Internationally if you are listed below a million, you are doing very well. If you rank under 100 000 you are brilliant. Obviously if you rank Nationally the numbers will be less. So if you are ranked under 100 000 nationally, then you are doing very well. 

It is always current and is based on your traffic and content of your website. ANYONE can view these stats. 

Body and Mind – www.bodyandmind.co.za


Body and Mind Blog – www.bodyandmindblog.co.za


Body and Mind Events – www.bodyandmindevents.co.za


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