LISTENDeon Jurgens, Pharmacist of SFI South Africa

Tells us about his company and the phenomenal growth it is achieving worldwide. He tells us exactly what natural medicine is and how to choose a product that is clinically proven. He confirmed that more and more people are embracing the world wide trend of taking a holistic approach to health conditions and choosing to use natural alternatives, as opposed to allopathic medicines, which often have dangerous side-effect profiles and are potential causes of long-term adverse reactions.


Dr Juanita Ferreira: Homeopath, SFI South Africa

LISTENKeenMind – Product Discussion
The natural product KeenMind improves memory and recall, clear thinking, concentration, focus and mental calmness. KeenMind may also assist learning in hyperactive children and it is totally safe for children to take. She takes us through the possible side effects and the clinical research studies past, present and future.

LISTEN – Remotiv – Product Discussion
Remotiv is indicated for the treatment of anxiety and mild to moderate depression. Dr Juanita Ferreira discusses why this extract of hypericum perforatum (St Johns Wort) is of premium quality, and what the benefits are over its synthetic competitors.

LISTEN – Premular – Product Discussion
Premular is a herbal preparation, clinically tested and proven to relieve the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Dr. Juanita Ferreira discusses how Premular is able to do this, as well as why it is an advantageous treatment option long term.

LISTEN – Femular – Product Discussion
Juanita discusses the product Femular, a clinically proven product that may assist in the relief of menopausal symptoms. She shares how it differs from other treatments, which may have health concerns due to their oestrogenic action. The fact that Femular does not exert a direct oestrogenic effect, renders it well tolerated, with no report of serious adverse effects and no association with liver problems.

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