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ROCK ROSE: Helianthemum Nummularium – The Liberation Flower

From Panic to Heroic Courage
The remedy of emergency for cases where there even appears no hope. In accident or sudden illness, or when a person is very frightened or terrified, or if the situation is serious enough to cause great fear to those around…….. Dr Edward Bach.

In the Negative……
Rock Rose relates to the Soul qualities of courage and steadfastness. Within the negative Rock Rose state, Dr Bach perceived the strongest fear a human can experience, therefore it is one of the most important components of Rescue Remedy.

A personality in negative Rock Rose is under acute threat mentally and often physically. These moments of crises, for example, accidents, chronic illness, natural disasters and when one is unable to cope with a sudden onrush of emotional energies. When all is happening at once and so fast, the personality cowers in fear within its body, separated from it’s Higher Self and unable to trust and receive energies/direction from its Inner Guidance.


The Rock Rose state has been aptly described as “a punch in the stomach”, as the Solar Plexus does tense up with so much coming in, and too fast for the nervous system to cope. Negative Rock Rose states are normally temporary. Also found in children, when waking from a nightmare, can be given sips of Rock Rose until calmness is restored.

In the Positive……..
Rock Rose energy liberates the personality from its state of fear, letting the pendulum swing from negative back to the positive. Fear becomes courage and in extreme cases can become heroic courage leading to forgetting self for the sake of others. Rock Rose is able to mobilise tremendous forces that allow us to grow beyond ourselves.
Rock Rose can be used in the treatment of sun- and heatstroke, fear of thunderstorms (great for animals) in everyday life when one’s nerves are on edge – just helps to restore balance.

Key Symptoms…
You acutely feel fear, panic and terror

Behaviour Pattern in the Blocked State
1.  Your anxiety level quickly escalates in threatening situations.
2.  You panic in accidents and natural disasters, or if you experience a life threatening illness or disease.
3.  Children easily get sweaty palms, and their hearts often beat wildly.

Behaviour in the Positive State….
1.  You meet emergencies with a calm presence of mind and are able to do things for the benefit of others.
2.  In serious crises you rely consciously on your Inner Guidance.
3.  You show heroic courage; you fight in the front lines.


Empowering Statements….
1.  I will survive.
2.  I keep things in perspective.
3.  I follow my Inner Guidance.

As taken from The Encyclopaedia of Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer

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