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Want to WIN a Prize at the Body and Mind Festival ?

3rd June 2018 at the DLI Hall in Greyville

Join us from 9am to 4pm.
Loads of entertainment, food and stalls.
Entrance R25 per person ,
children under 12 are free,
we also have a kiddies entertainment section.

Easy Peezy….

Go to Facebook and..

1. Check in, or tell us where you are.
2. Take a selfie with one of our pamphlet or of the streetpole advert or share the above picture.
or just share our pamphlet.
3. Add #BodyandMindFestival2018

It’s that easy!!

(Winners will be announced and collected at the Body and Mind Celebration Festival on 03rd June)

Book your entrance ticket with Zapper!

You can WIN:

Sinethemba – Massage Discount Vouchers

Jimmy Henderson – “In Search of The Oracle” Book

Shamla Govender – Vacuflex Boot Therapy

Chrisna – 2 x Kundalini yoga lessons

Roxanne Chetty – Crossing over  Reding

Roxanne Chetty – 2 x Tarot/ Angel card reading

Roxanne Chetty – Innovative Healing

Farah Manjoo – 90min Journey Therapy

Christine Hardy – 1.5hrs Life Alignment Session

Lee Weller – Life Chart Reading

Michelle Bell & Susan Fanning – Crystal Healing and Archangel Reading

Nissa Badrudin – Rose Quarts and Amethyst Bracelet & Rose Quart, Amethyst and Howlite Bracelet

Alison Coates – Aloe Vera Vouchers

Body Sense Wellness – Reiki Session


To Book your stall click on the application form below.



Now for details on each PRIZE


You can win: Crossing over  Reading, 2 x Tarot/ Angel card reading,
and a Innovative Healing.

Roxann Chetty – KZN

You can win: Book (In Search of the Oracle)

Jimmy Henderson – KZN / 083 301 3140

This book is deeply thought-provoking & stimulating, using a simple metaphorical narrative to describe the journey of a seeker to discover the ‘Oracle’, that deep inner part of oneself that conceals hidden knowledge. Important life questions are discussed, including new insights on God, man and morality.

You can win: 2 x Vacuflex Boot Therapy

Shamla Govender – KZN
084 608 6942

The Vacuflex Concept, is a combination of boot therapy and acupuncture cupping therapy. First will be the boot therapy, after boot therapy and removing of the boots, if there is any discoloration on the dorsal or plantar of the feet, this high lights congestion on the reflex/organ. Assessment is done and treatment Will follow using acupuncture cupping pads. Treatment is non invasive.

 You can win: 90 min Journey Therapy

Farah Manjoo / 083 786 4417

THE JOURNEY – BRANDON BAYS, Journey therapy is a profoundly liberating method of healing that heals the mind, body and soul on a deep cellular level.

Her journey process of accessing deep cellular memories found in the body is used world wide.
The benefits of the journey healing are just phenomenal. Using the journey method of healing, one can overcome depression, anxiety and chronic illnesses in a healthy drug-free way. It helps one to discover ones true shining potential and authentic self boosting ones self esteem and confidence.

 You can win: 2 x Kundalini yoga lessons

Chrisna Ashforth / 082 443 5875

Kundalini is called the yoga of awareness

It is the yoga for the Aquarian age
It work on a mental emotionally spiritual way….
My yoga studio overlooks the gorge….
Come a nd experience time with different kriyas
Chanting and meditation

 You can win: 1.5hrs Life Alignment Session

Christine Hardy / 082 373 5460

A vibration energy healing system to heal your life and help you to discover your souls true purpose! Perfect health and happiness can only exist when the body mind and spirit are in harmony with each other. Disharmony caused by stress, anxiety, shock, trauma, grief, depression, panic attacks, injury, illness, relationship issues, low self esteem, physical and emotional pain along with sub-conscious patterns are the root cause of many disorders and dysfunctions.

 You can win: Life Chart Reading

Lee Weller / 083 265 8382

Relocation and Holiday Travel can be entirely different. Relocation for study, this will indicate whether study environment is positive. For career it will indicate the level of financial success. For study reasons
it will show if there will be right mentors or distractions.

 You can win: Crystal Healing and Archangel Reading

Michelle Bell & Susan Fanning
Michelle – 0832709083
Susan – 0842008550
Michelle –
Susan –

Come and join Susan Fanning and Michelle Bell for a half hour crystal healing and a half hour Archangel reading. We are based in Summerveld and other lots of exciting therapies and workshops.

 You can win: Rose Quarts and Amethyst Bracelet &
Rose Quart, Amethyst and Howlite Bracelet

Nissa Badrudin
079 524 1250

Beautiful combination to assist with the heart and crown Chakras.

You can win: Reiki Session

Reiki is a form of energy healing that will help to heal on all levels – physical,  emotional, mental and spiritual.  All helps to unblock and balance chakras. This prize can be used on the day or at my studio.

You can win: Aloe Vera Vouchers

Congratulations you have won an Aloe Vera based health, wellness or personal care product. With the International Aloe Science Council seal of approval; certified Halal; Kosher, Vegan or Vegetarian (a list is available) there is something for everyone.

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