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Durban Acu-D-Tox with Presley Naidoo
Detailed Description

Auricular Aupuncture
Electro-Auricular Acupuncture
Acu-Yoga Nidra

Offering the NADA 5 point Protocol,used in over 44 countries internationally, for those needing help with addiction/substance abuse, withdrawal symptoms & for general detoxification, on many levels.

Duration: 45-60min
Frequency: 2-3 x/week
Number of treatments: 12-15 sessions (recommended)

Cost: (1st consultation/assessment/treatment-R200)
Thereafter R120/session

Addiction to:
Medicines, Recreational Drugs (Alcohol,Smoking/Nicotine,etc)
R500(upfront) for 4 sessions, then R120/session.

Auricular Aupuncture
Using acupuncture needles on points along the outer ear, proven to help with many chronic illnesses. Research in this has been done mostly in Europe & the USA.
Conditions treated:

Inflammatory musculo-skeletal & joint pains
Nervous system conditions & migraine/headaches
-ADHD/Bipolar Mood Disorder(BMD)/Depression/Insomnia
-Multiple Schlerosis(MS)
-Period Pains(PMS)
Respiratory conditions(Allergies)
Digestive/eating disorders & obesity
Hepatic/Liver disease
HIV symptoms & ARV therapy side effects
Bells Palsy

Duration: 45-60min
Frequency: 2x/week for 1-2weeks
Number of treatments: 4-6 (individually based)

Cost: (1st consultation/assessment/treatment-R200)

Electro-Auricular Acupuncture
A non-invasive alternative to needling.Using small voltage electrical stimulation of acupuncture points, treatment benefits & response times may even be improved in some cases, as more points may be included.

Duration: 30-60 sec/point
Frequency: 2x/week
Number of treatments: 3-6 (individually based)

Cost: (1st consultation/assessment/treatment-R200)
Therafter R120/session

Addiction to:
Medicines,Recreational Drugs(Alcohol,Smoking/Nicotine,etc)
R500(upfront)for 4 sessions,then R120/session.

Acu-Yoga Nidra
A one-of-a-kind approach, combining Auricular Acupuncture with the rare technique of Yoga Nidra to enhance the effects of acupuncture while achieving the deepest possible states of relaxation possible in humans.
This method is is very beneficial to those plagued by panic/anxiety disorders/PTSD,addictive behaviours/ thought patterns & for complete physiological & mental rest.
This is a 1-1 therapy & requires 60-90 minutes in the beginning, thereafter the client may quicken the process through personal practice.
For now, only needling is used.

Cost: R300/session

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