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Marietta Hindy – Mind Dinamics
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Mind Dinamics Clinical Hypnotherapy is a powerfully scientific mind enhancing tool.
Marietta Hindy is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and life coach and the founder of this dynamic technique, with the use of Neurogenesis, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), Hypnosis, Neuroplasticity and psychology. She helps you eliminate undesirable programs in the sub-conscious. Replacing them with desirable ones through hypnotherapy, this type of mind control is the greatest, fastest, easiest way for everybody to change wrong mind sets and achieve the highest objectives and goals in their life.

You can use this method in all areas such as health, business, sports, personal, emotional, educational and many other fields.

You should not wait any longer – Help is here for you right now!
Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique that can be used to help overcome any problems with their origins in the mind.
Like stopping smoking, overcoming anxiety, depression, stress related issues, weight loss, phobia’s, pain management, focusing, addictions, absolute wellness, analogical mind, alcohol usage, artist block, affirmative methods, Anger management, alienation, ability to change, absent mindedness, absolute change, abundance, abusive behavior, accomplishment, academic performance, achieving your goals, adapt to the environment, adversities, affirmations, aimlessness, aeroplane phobia, alignment of left-right brain, amendment of behavior, ambition enhancement, application of focus, appearance betterment, assertiveness. and visualization of your dreams and goals.

Over and above which, Marietta also offers couples counseling.

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