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Integrative Mind – Adele Beinart
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This holistic remedy re-establishes the flow of energy through our body system to rebalance physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances.

Once impediments are removed we are able to achieve integration and optimal functionality and well-being.

Do you feel stressed? Are you feeling lethargic? Lost? Experiencing muscle stiffness, pain or headaches? Do you often get sick? Do you feel like something is standing in the way of your path or your purpose? Discouraged? Tired? Lost your spark?

These are all symptoms and signals that our bodies send us to warn us that the natural, self-healing system of our bodies has been disturbed. We are out of balance. An underlying, unsolved issue is causing this imbalanced cycle. The longer we circle this off-balance path the deeper the groove becomes – we are deepening the rut that we are trying to overcome.


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Address: Cathcart Road, Humewood, Port Elizabeth

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