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Cosmobiology Astrology with Lee Weller

Cosmobiology Astrology with Lee Weller
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Cosmobiology Astrology with Lee Weller
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Are you unhappy? Uncertain? Feeling insecure?
Remember Life is a journey. And we plan most of our journeys with great care. But often we do not plan the journey of Life. And if you are on the wrong freeway, you will encounter roadblocks and hazards, and will probably not arrive at your destination. On the right freeway, you might encounter detours – but you will eventually arrive!

A Life Map gives self understanding and direction with regards to your talents, your needs, and which relationships will bring fulfilment and happiness. It aids with the timing of events in your life – remember, we have seasons in our lives… time to start projects, relationships, time to consolidate and time to prune, time to sow and a time to reap the rewards of hard work. Lee helps you towards self understanding and to gain self confidence in your life, to make the right decisions at the right time for you.

We do not take away your free will. Astrology Cosmobiology is like a weather forecast. If we predict rain, you have free will to go out without a raincoat, and if we predict sunshine you can stay indoors and miss the Vitamin D

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083 265 8382
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Illovo, Corlett Drive, Johannesburg

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