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Past Life Regression with Janet Homan

Past Life Regression with Janet Homan
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Past Life Regression with Janet Homan
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Past Life Regression with Janet Homan
On qualifying with a BSc Medical Honours in Dietetics from Natal and Cape Town Universities in 1994, I completed my internship in a governmental hospital until 1996 when I set up in private practice as a dietician. Some years later my lessons in practice and life drew me to study for a two year Metaphysical Science course, followed by a two year Energy Healing course at the School of Intuition and Healing based in London. I then later qualified as a Hypnotherapist, certified Past Life Regression Therapist, and Life Between Lives Therapist through the U.K. based Past Life Regression Academy. I now operate a consultancy using all the study and experience of the various paths to best assist my clients at getting the most out of their current lifes journey.
I now combine my hypnotherapy, intuitive and energy healing skills in providing:
Past life regression
Current life regression
Inner child therapy and regression
Life Between Lives regression,
Energy healing
Spirit release from people, houses and work places, in order to positively affect a change within a person or place.
Past Life Regression – Clients are guided into a relaxed state of awareness via hypnosis, to relive and resolve scenes or conflicts from past lives, current life issues, or connect to their inner child.

Life Between Lives Regression – Deep hypnosis is used to access our Soul memories about the afterlife. This type of regression will help to answer questions such as Who am I? , Why am I here? and Where do I come from?

Spirit Releasement Therapy – A spirit can become earthbound after passing. This may be due to a traumatic death, a longing for loved ones, or a feeling of some unfinished business. Releasing these lost souls is a very personal release and healing for both client and spirit.

House & Office Clearing – Cleansing of spaces from entities, negative energies, psychic attack and geopathic lines in order to allow a positive energy flow.

Hypnotherapy – The use of ones own natural ability to access the unconscious mind to safely bring about the changes one requires in ones conscious mind i.e. ones life, e.g. phobias, stress, self confidence are just a few aspects hypnotherapy can aid in.

Energy Healing – Uses natural healing energy to treat the whole person – mind, body and spirit. Aids any illness, stress or injury. It is done off the body, is natural, non-invasive, holistic and complements orthodox medicine or other therapies.

Nutritional Counselling – The use of individualized diet prescriptions to aid ones health for specific medical diseases and weight loss.


“Janet is a truly exceptional therapist, her enthusiasm, passion and skill with these profound methods of transformation are of a remarkably high standard. She works very intuitively, energetically, professionally and perhaps most importantly from her heart with incredible results. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in strongly recommending her gifts, skills and abilities to anyone blessed enough to cross her path.”
– JR Motivational Speaker

I connected with Janet immediately, she was warm and friendly. she did an amazing healing which left me feeling calm, and happy! wonderful! feet back on the ground!
– SM Cape Town

Amazing and very, very interesting. Feel excited about life and feel a happiness and peacefulness within myself.
– MB Cape Town

I noticed an improvement after the 1st treatment, which improved significantly with each treatment. I would consult Janet in the future as she inspires trust and is very competent. She is a godsend. 


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082 871 1069
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5 Francis way, The Vines, Constantia
Western Cape
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