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A Journey of Healing with Renate Roesener

A Journey of Healing with Renate Roesener
Business Name: A Journey of Healing with Renate Roesener
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A Journey OF Healing Begins With A Single Step
Deep inside, beyond our bones, beyond our atoms, we are all made of Energy. What if I told you that you had trapped emotions within you that are holding you back from your full potential? What if I told you, Emotions do effect our organs to get sick? You were just overwhelmed with a unique emotion, and now that negative emotion is trapped withing you. Even with a very impactful negative moment, there will be a trigger, that builds a wall around your heart, which keeps you from finding your mission, felling love, giving love and preventing you from success?

I offer a wide variety of therapies including:

Emotion and Body Code
During his 16 years as a holistic chiropractor, Dr. Bradley Nelson, the developer of the two Codes, found that when working on his patients, beneath their physical symptoms there seemed to be an emotional component. This emotional component seemed to cause either a delay in healing, or actually prevented healing altogether. Dr. Nelson began identifying and releasing emotions that had become trapped in his patients’ bodies. The results were positive. He codified the method, and in 2007, his book The Emotion Code, was released.

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The Heart Wall
When someone is causing, or has caused, us emotional pain, we experience something we call heartache. Our heart is literally aching. We also experience heartache when we are feeling deep grief, hurt or loss. Most of us have experienced this painful physical sensation many times throughout our lives.

Because the subconscious mind works in our best interest, it wants to block any further experience of this pain. To do that, the subconscious mind creates an energetic wall around the heart as a defense; as a way to deflect any further heartache.

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Trapped Emotions
We are emotional beings, and our emotions are experienced in response to our environment. Emotions are a normal part of life. Living beings experience and interpret the world through their emotions.

Emotions are felt, processed by the body/mind, and at some point let go. Well, that’s the way it’s supposed to work, and it usually does for positive emotions that result in feeling good.
However, emotions resulting from pain or distress can be so strong that they don’t get processed completely. When this happens, some remnant of the negative emotional energy becomes trapped in the body, usually in an organ or gland, although It can become trapped anywhere in the body or in the field of energy surrounding the body.

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  • A Journey of Healing with Renate Roesener
  • A Journey of Healing with Renate Roesener
  • A Journey of Healing with Renate Roesener
  • A Journey of Healing with Renate Roesener

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Listing Title: A Journey of Healing with Renate Roesener