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Eternal Light Spiritual Guidance & Healing with Roxanne Awakened

Eternal Light Spiritual Guidance & Healing with Roxanne Awakened
Business Name: Eternal Light Spiritual Guidance & Healing with Roxanne Awakened
Detailed Description:


Intuitive Card Readings and Messages from Spirit
Charm Readings
Reiki/Shamanic Healing
Reiki healing for babies
Emotional Freedom Technique & Thought Field Therapy (also available for children & animals )
Crystal Healing
Pastlife and Age Regression
Pastlife Readings
Spirit guide & Angel Introduction
Nutritional Advice


Aura Cleansing bath salts
Aura Cleansing spray
Goddess Oil
Reiki Friends for kids ( 100% Natural handmade toy charged with reiki and a crystal in its belly) These little babies are soft and their energy is comforting. I know a little person who wont go anywhere without her Reiki Friend. 

Intuitive Card Readings and Messages from Spirit:
For those Beautiful souls that have not met me or had a session with me yet.
I would like to explain alittle about my readings.
During your session with me I will channel messages from your past love ones if they step forward, receive guidance from my guides angels and higher self as well as your guides and angles. You will also receive a 9 card spread covering work, health, home and love. 
If you are seeking spiritual guidance I would be honoured to be that channel for you.
Pastlife Reading:
Have you ever thought about having a pastlife regression but then decided you rather not because you are scared of what you will see, sense or feel?
This is where a pastlife reading comes in.
Allow me to experience the past life for you instead.

I am able to see the pastlife for you and bring back information that can help you move forward on your healing journey. At the end after I have received and shared the information with you, I will deal 3 pastlife reading cards for you to explain a little further.
Emotional FreedomTechnique:
EFT is a noninvasive technique where we work on your meridian lines, you could think of it like acupuncture with out the needle but with the abit of Nuro linguistic Programming added.
So we are working with your energy and thought field. It is simple but profound in its healing ability, wait let me rephrase that, it is profound in its ability to help you heal yourself!

EFT also works well for children and your beautiful fur babies(Pets).

It can be done over video call or in person.

Past Life & Age Regression:
This is where we heal the past and release so that you can move forward in the now and live your life set free from old pains, negative thought patterns or beliefs and any other baggage that no longer serves you.
Reiki is a gentle yet powerful ancient laying of hands healing , the healer is a channel of life force energy (Reiki). This healing is holistic working on mind, body and spirit. Reiki is so gentle and comforting it can be use on anyone even babies.
Spirit Guide and Angel Introduction:
Have you ever wondered who your spirit guides or guardian angels are?
Allow me be that channel for you.
During the session normal one guide or angel will step forward to be introduced to you.
Available via video call and in person.

Body and Mind Website Address:
Mobile Phone Number: 072 510 5699
Business Street Address: Gillitts, Durban
Province: KwaZulu-Natal
ZIP Code: 3610

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Listing Title: Eternal Light Spiritual Guidance & Healing with Roxanne Awakened