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Sunshine Academy of Metaphysics with Gaynor du Perez

Sunshine Academy of Metaphysics with Gaynor du Perez
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Sunshine Academy of Metaphysics with Gaynor du Perez
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And as you’re sitting there wondering whether this is right for you, so too do you feel a flutter of excitement and a sense of “this is it!”
Everyone wants to be happy and successful, right? So what’s holding you back? Take the decision now to make the changes you’ve always wanted.

So what is your reason and motivation for studying?

Would you like to start your own business? Imagine how it would feel to have the freedom and skill to start your own healing practice.  Can you see yourself with your time as your own? Picture choosing your own working hours in the comfort of your own home.  This is especially sensational for working moms, as you will be able to enjoy more free time with your children and see them grow up.  Ask yourself, how would you like to spend your days?

Would you like to expand your already established business? You instantly demand more recognition and respect when you have a title next to your name. Grow your clientele and income by giving your customers what they want, by adding more variety to your list of offerings. Increasing your field of expertise widens your circle of potential customers.

For personal and spiritual development? You will feel more fulfilled, and learn how to overcome your obstacles and experience a better quality of life. Discover how to meditate effectively to reduce stress and induce relaxation, how to visualise your way to better health and happiness, and so much more, whilst awakening your consciousness and increasing your vibration to a whole new level.

Does this sound wonderful and exactly what you’re looking for? Then come join us on this amazing journey through mind, body and soul as we discover your new reality together.

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Wilderness, Western Cape
Western Cape

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