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Body Spin Workshop & Life Alignment with Christine Hardy

Body Spin Workshop & Life Alignment with Christine Hardy
Business Name: Body Spin Workshop & Life Alignment with Christine Hardy
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What is Life Alignment?
A vibration energy healing system to heal your life and help you to discover your souls true purpose!

Perfect health and happiness can only exist when the body mind and spirit are in harmony with each other. Disharmony caused by stress, anxiety, shock, trauma, grief, depression, panic attacks, injury, illness, relationship issues, low self esteem, physical and emotional pain along with sub-conscious patterns are the root cause of many disorders and dysfunctions.

How can Life Alignment help you?Life Alignment does not directly treat the symptoms such as in conventional medicine but rather identifies and works with the root cause which will address the heart of the matter. A multitude of conditions have been known to heal such as:

Structural conditions
Neurological conditions
Skin conditions
Hormonal imbalances
Chronic fatigue associated with ME, fibromyalgia, geopathic
stress, Electromagnetic sensitivity
Emotional patterns and many more conditions.

Is your body out of Alignment?
Just like your car if your body is out of alignment it wont run so well.
A severe trauma can throw our energetic body out of alignment with our physical body. The body is measured prior to the balance to identify where it is out of alignment. Combining the Body Alignment technique and Vortex Alignment the physical body can naturally come back into alignment without any physical manipulation.

Body Alignment addresses the different aspects of our multi dimensional being allowing the body and mind to heal itself. In other words your physical health is supported by your mental, emotional and spiritual health and vice versa.

Body and Mind Website Address:
Mobile Phone Number: 082 373 5460
Business Street Address: La Lucia, KwaZulu-Natal
Province: KwaZulu-Natal

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Listing Title: Body Spin Workshop & Life Alignment with Christine Hardy