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Biodanza KZN with Arno
Address: Gillitts Upper Highway
Brief Description: Biodanza does not teach, it facilitates by providing an appropriate environment within which participants have before them both suffering and joy so that they can choose. Our everyday lives provide more than enough episodes of pain and suffering, so that in a Biodanza session we focus on the experiences of laughter, happiness, contentment, a healthy confidence and self esteem, ultimately making way for an opening heart to experience joy and the love that we are. We feel it in ourselves and see it in everyone around us.
Body and Mind Website Address: www.bodyandmind.co.za/Biodanza
Business Website Address: www.biodanza.co.za
Mobile Phone Number: 082 324 7112
Province: KwaZulu-Natal
NIA Dancing with Lorraine Relleen
Address: Kloof Hall, Village Road, Kloof
Brief Description: Nia encourages the student to modify the movement, speed, and range of motion so that the practise of Nia, feels right for them. It becomes a personalised experience that is achievable for all. People from all walks of life, all nationalities, all ages and varying fitness levels practise Nia.
Body and Mind Website Address: http://www.bodyandmind.co.za/niadancing
Business Phone Number: 031 7671690
Province: KwaZulu-Natal