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Every Tuesday we will be introducing you to a Heal Your Life Coach interview, article or inspirational pieces from the Heal Your Life organisation in South Africa.

The Louise Hay Philosophy has its roots in knowledge that has existed long before our lifetime and taught by many teachers before her. It is the simplicity and gentleness of the way Louise Hay has expanded this learning that has served millions of people like us around the world. Her message is that regardless of the area of your life you wish to help or heal, loving yourself is the fundamental requirement to activate that healing possibility. Every person has access to the ability to heal their lives, body and circumstances. The body can return to its natural state of good health and we can have good and healthy relationships, and we can create a prosperous life.  When we have the tools, support and guidance, we can overcome past hurts by GENTLY working through them, with a willingness to heal and let go of all that no longer serves us. It is liberating when we can finally find that space to forgive our self and others through the cultivation of SELF LOVE and ACCEPTANCE and becoming mindful of our words, thought and actions.

Today we are have a global community that have been trained extensively and licensed by Hay House to teach, coach, guide and support people to transform their lives no matter their circumstances. 

Heal Your Life Tuesdays is the celebration of the legacy of Louise Hay that love is the most powerful healing force there is, and it begins with YOU. 

We invite you to be a part of the “Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Community, we thank you and bless you for all you are and all you do.


Listen to our interview with Ashika Singh talking about the work of Louise Hay and how it has changed her life. (click to listen)

This is the introduction of Heal Your Life Tuesdays with Body and Mind and HYL SA Team of coaches.
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Ashika Soorju chats to us about mindfulness in the workplace. (click to listen)

Whenever we want to create true lasting change, the place to start is the mind. Being able to effectively handle stress, have clarity, focus, energy and emotional intelligence are some of the best investments we can make in our lives and our businesses.

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Valia Zachariou chats to us about Inner-child Magic & Youth parent Support (click to listen)

Enhance and maintain a healthy and loving relationship between parent and child.
“Become Who You Are by connecting with who you were”.

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Shannan Knox chats to us about Spirituality and the Emotional Pain Body (click to listen)

Let’s start with what the emotional pain body is? The pain-body, in my opinion is the accumulation of old emotional pain that almost all people carry in their energy field.

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Mala Pillay chats to us about Remodeling Family Connection with Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Wellness in families is key to understanding and accepting that each family member is unique. It takes nurturing and LOVE to effectively engage with each other.

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Kerrisha Gopichand and Bhashni Nana chats to us about Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

What are you thinking? Have you ever taken a moment to pay attention to your thoughts? Are you conscious of what you are thinking? Paying attention simply means becoming aware, watching and observing your thoughts in the present moment, without criticism or judgement.

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Sariksha Naiker chats to us about Loving Yourself Through Grief.

Seeing the magnificence of all that is around us is to know it exists within us first. Self-love and Self-acceptance are the first steps to healing through grief, allowing yourself to feel the emotions which are so real but also allowing your heart to heal is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Be kind, gentle and loving to yourself and watch how it permeates through you to everyone and everything around you.

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