Jignasha Hira – Aura Natural Healing

The gift of healing lies in each of us, but its up to the individual to accept and receive.

Jignasha is an accredited Reiki and Crystal healing practitioner.
Registered with the reiki association of Southern Africa – Membership no: 1483
Usui Reiki 1,2 and advanced Crystal healing Karuna reiki.

I took upon this journey of energy healing for myself. Once I got into it, I realized the power and the need for it in this world. I developed an urge to help people with my gift of healing.

The gift of healing rests within everyone. If you hurt your toe, your natural instinct would be to touch or rub your toe and by doing so, intend to heal it. As healers, we help the body’s natural desire to move towards health.
What do we do?

Holistic Healing in the form of Reiki
Crystal Healing
Sale of Holistic Jewelry

Jignasha Hira is a Body and Mind member, visit her page for more information.
Jignasha Hira

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