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As a certified Hypnotherapist, I have helped many clients understand how early childhood trauma/abuse negatively affects their adult life.
Symptoms show up as chronic pain, substance abuse and addictions, emotional struggles with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, relationship conflict, lack of direction and weight issues. These life challenges are the clues to this deep unresolved emotional pain and unexamined/outdated beliefs of not feeling “good enough”, low self-esteem and negative self-talk.
You can take back control of your life and discover the magic of your intuitive wisdom, with gentle hypnosis techniques and reclaim your lost childhood.
You will be more focused, live life according to your personal values and emotional needs.
You will also discover/learn more about the “wisdom and genius” of your healthy emotions and how they communicate with you, through your body.

Larissa Bagwandeen is a Body and Mind member, visit her page for more information.

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