The Best Life clinic
Lior Losinsky wears a few “hats,” as the saying goes. He is both founder and principle therapist at the Best Life Clinic, as well as a successful Network Marketer in the Health & Wellness industry for the past 8 years. But most of all, Lior is a seeker of his personal truth and on the journey of discovering of his own “Golden Buddha” inside himself.

Everybody knows that we only have one life to live. And everybody says that if they could live their best life, they would do whatever it took to find out how.

Some people with an open mind have found a way to do just that.
Most people understand that unresolved trauma and negative emotions have debilitating effects on their lives – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – and most people say that the longer one lives with these unresolved traumas, the worse the effects can be.

At the Best Life Clinic most of our clients get to painlessly release & heal from their traumas, phobias, fears and limiting beliefs – all that is holding them back from living their best life.

Many are so grateful to have discovered how great it feels to finally live their best life.

Lior is a member of Body and Mind.
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Nirvana, Our Interviewer
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