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Liz Cunningham – Emotional Intelligence

As well as working with the mind/body understanding and wellbeing that Emotional Intelligence enables, I bring body/mind movement and energy management practices to
individuals so that they can navigate the times we live in with more vitality and fulfilment.

My Life’s work is to share my experience and understanding of Emotional Intelligence(EQ) in a way that supports new ways of seeing, feeling, thinking and doing…..a new way of being and responding to life situations so that we can navigate the times we live in with more joy, vitality and fulfilment.

For me this means living my free spirit as a Heart Leader and Soul Mover.

Heart Leader shifting perspective from fearing life to loving life, from survival to choice and growth using practical EQ skill and heart energy mastery.

A change of heart changes everything.

Liz Cunningham is a Body and Mind member, visit her page for more information.