Psychic Abilities – The family psycic gift was bestowed on Lynn from birth. She has the ability to “hear Spirit”, to see and communicate with departed love ones, and bring closure and healing to the grieving person. She has the ability to see auras and read your energy on an article which is called “Psychometry” to assist her with her readings. Lynn’s readings are very enlightening, extremely prophetic and astoundingly accurate. This provides a tool with which our clients are able to improve their lives and find holistic balance. Healing Abilities – She is a gifted healer and is a qualified Reiki Master, and Integrated Healing Practitioner. Lynn is passionate about healing, and feels that we need to declutter our minds and auras on a regular basis.

Baby Blessing – In addition to the above Lynn was given a Blessing to preform for pregnant moms, originating from the old Navaho Native American Indians. This is A BLESSING. To celebrate life, motherhood, friendship, honouring the tiny soul that she is carrying. The purpose of the Blessingway Ceremony is to create harmony, support and pay tribute to the blossoming mom and tiny spirit affirming that she will have a beautiful baby and wonderful motherhood experience.

Lynn Pullen – is a Body and Mind member, visit her page for more information.

Nirvana, Our Interviewer
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