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Mixs (Marietjie Swart)

Barefoot Mixs – Mixs Swart
Spiritual Wayfinder
Spiritual Coach
& Writer

Mixs is a spiritual wayfinder.

In her coaching work she asks these key questions: What if absolutely everything about you was made for a specific purpose and designed for a reason? What if we weren’t meant to suffer? What if really, really feeling free in your own skin and to be exactly who you are wasn’t just a fantasy but a reality?

With a doctorate in metaphysics, honors degree in psychology, international training in neuroscience, distinctions in multiple complimentary therapies and over 20 years apprenticeship in theology and shamanism, Mixs dedicates her life to living as powerfully and authentically as she can.

Walking barefoot to her means being fully alive, understanding and embracing the souls choice to have a human experience, not shying away from the pain and confusion that, when healed, leads to liberation not only of the self, but ultimately of humanity. Her work is dedicated to sharing processes and wisdom that turn being human into a beautiful art-form rather than the torturous daily fight is has become for so many.

“Every person already has power. Its just a case of peeling away that stuff that shadows who you are and cages who you came here to be.”

“We who care, who see, who feel, we are legion. We will change the planet not by saving others, but by first ourselves becoming whole.”

Mixs Swart is a Body and Mind member, visit her page for more information.