You provide Medicinal Cannabis on consultation.
Your products are provided by Canna I Heal U powered by Spa DAmbience.
We are passionate about helping people to heal.
We assist you to heal your body, removing toxins and disease and making the cells healthy again. From the youngest to the eldest person, we can assist.
We also assist with animals.
Whatever illness you have we can assist you to heal your body. Yes, read that again – YOU heal YOUR body.

The Cannabinoids are in our bodies from the day we are born but get depleted and out of kilter due to the toxins in our environment. Not only is the water that we drink, the air that we breathe, even the food that we eat full of toxins, then we get ill and take chemical medications. That really knocks the body out of kilter with itself.

This is what we do:
Rebalance the blood
Take out toxins
Feed the body with cannabinoids and positive energy
This system involves detoxifying the body.
Stripping the body of toxins so we can build it up and rejuvenate and balance it again.

Brenda is a member of Body and Mind. View her page:

Nirvana, Our Interviewer
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