Written by: Angela Red River – 2011 – 2021
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(inspired by “Never Be Sick Again” – Raymond Francis)

The title of this article comes from a statement I found in an article on Prevent Disease website, which actually confirms what I have been thinking and saying for the last many years. It is the basis for what I believe to be the most important element for the preparation of both parents for the conception of their children.

Parents/humans have become sooooo physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually toxic that it is impossible for our babies to exit our bodies in any other condition than diseased – which comes with not just double the amount of toxins held by both parents, but a negatively synergistic blend of these toxins!!!

We have reached a point on planet Earth where no-body should be conceiving babies, because all we are presently doing is bringing weaker and sicker humans onto this 3-dimensional hologram. We are no longer creating a situation of “survival of the fittest” (if there was ever such a concept); we are introducing weaker and sicker humans into the gene pool of humanity.

Our genes are not only affected by physical toxins and deficiencies; they are affected by the toxic uncleared, suppressed, trapped emotions our parents have brought along with them, who did the same from their parents, and so on and so on back many many generations, probably since our very first lives her on Mother Earth.

So, as Albert Einstein is known for saying: “You can’t change any thing or situation from the same level of awareness that created it” (paraphrased), in order to bring healthy consciously aware babies/children onto planet Earth, we have to do something completely different from the way we are doing it, and have been doing it for centuries, since patriarchy took over the ‘delivering’ of our babies in the 1600’s.

As our cultures have become more and more industrialized, more and more chemical toxins have become ‘available’ for consumption via the air we breathe; the food we eat; the water we drink; and the household cleaning and personal hygiene products we use! Along with this goes the over-farming of the soil, which is now unable to provide the level of cell salt building-blocks for our on-going bodily upgrading. So, just looking at only these two aspects, one can see that old and new humans are already at a disadvantage. Disease is a forgone conclusion in ourselves and our offspring!!!!

But we haven’t looked at what the affect is of the huge levels of fear that our governments and religious leaders are infusing and imprinting into the cells of every cell of every single person every single moment of every single day! Unless we have a mind of our own, we become slaves to a system that wants to have complete control of us – body mind and soul.

So, not only are potential parents carrying multiple toxins, deficiencies and ancestral and past life suppressed, trapped emotions, they are also being imprinted with plenty of subliminal media impulses and false flag information into their every cell of their bodies.

Unless we each choose to step out of this ‘matrix’, we will continue to be imprinted with more and more fear-inducing false information via mass media.

In 2001, I was introduced to a concept – “Stand Behind the Short Wall” from the Crimson Circle/Geoffrey Hoppe. What does this mean? Well, it means – Get off the hamster wheel, so you can watch the futility of the other hamsters (humans) who just keep on running around their wheel!! We have sooooo been lead to believe that we have to keep on running – doing our jobs to pay the bills, etc – so that we cannot stop to think about why we are really doing what we are doing!

Until we are ready to step off the treadmill of life, out of the matrix, and behind the short wall, we will remain slaves to the System – those who would control us for their own financial and other agendas. It is time for us to Wake Up to what we are being manipulated to do by our governments, religions, the medical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries via the media!

When we are able to do this, only then can we begin to take full responsibility for our own lives (detoxifying and renutrifying on all levels) and for our children before and after conception and during their years of needing parenting, ensuring that they begin their lives cleaner, clearer, open and aware of Who They Truly Are. Once we become fully aware of Who We Truly Are, we will be able to honour Who Our Children Truly Are, and why we need to PREPARE ourselves on all levels BEFORE their conception.

From my perspective and understanding, it is a privilege to assist souls to enter/incarnate into this 3-D school of existence, and, as such, it is our duty to prepare our bodies so that everything that enters our womb will be fully supportive of the bubble of biology – our baby – in order for the Soul to feel fully WELCOMED by both mother and father. If the Mother and Father are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually clean and clear, the soul will be able to support their baby to live its life to the fullest potential of the soul’s pre-birth script.

We all come with a blueprinted script for this and each life (whether we believe in reincarnation or not). So the Pre-conception preparation goes a long way toward assisting the Soul in your child’s body to complete its life purpose with ease, love and grace, which is what is needed on Mother Earth right now! The souls that are entering the Earth plane at this time, are more advanced souls who wish to assist to co-create new Earth. They are not here to complete Karmic contracts, which means they need conscious host parents who will be able to assist their children and visiting souls to fulfil their birth blueprint from as early as possible if their lives.

From a different perspective, how would you feel if you walked into a dirty house and were forced to live there for nine months without the option of being able to clean it?! It does not take much stretch of the imagination to see why so many babies are arriving prematurely!!! I would also want to leave the womb early if my house was dirty, toxic and unwelcoming!

Lloyd deMause talks about a concept named: The Poisonous Placenta – everything the baby/soul is fed comes through the placenta via the umbilical cord. According to deMause, it would seem the babies/foetuses experience the placenta as both nurturing and poisonous; sometimes both at the same time; and sometimes only as poisonous, resulting in “fetal suffering” (Restaging Fetal Trauma – Part 3 – Lloyd deMause). Even though Ultrasound is not ‘good’ for “fetal development”, it has been able to furnish those willing to look with ‘new’ eyes at the relationship between a fetus/growing baby and its placenta and umbilical cord.

It is my presumption and inner knowing that whatever emotional toxins are held within the mother’s ovum and father’s sperm become part of every single cell that multiplies from the joining of those first two cells! So, the fetus/baby begins life with whatever is unresolved on an emotional/psyche level in the parents. The medical industry has not helped in this regard. Instead, we have been lead to believe that the unborn baby does not feel pain (and even after birth apparently babies don’t feel pain when having their foreskin circumcized without any anaesthetic!) and does not have an emotional life, and more.

There is now a gatheringly huge body of evidence that refutes what psychiatrists and psychologists have completely misunderstood for centuries. In fact, there are a huge number of medical practitioners who are still practising in the Dark Ages! This is very unfortunate and disturbing, as it is this refusal to accept change for which the medical and scientific communities are at greatest ‘fault’. Their need for more and more objective evidence (even though the 7 billion plus humans on the planet are testament to the greatest “clinical trial” is Earth’s Herstory should be enough “evidence”) prevents change. The blinkers that many medical practitioners refuse to remove, as well as their know-it-all arrogance have been the cause of soooo much trauma to the next generations at the moment of their birth and from the moment of conception!!! Most OBGYN’s do not even consider it necessary to advise preparation of the parents’ bodies for months prior to bringing their bodies together to consciously conceive the vessel for the incarnating soul.

It is becoming more and more evident that the medical and pharmaceutical industries are only really interested in how much money they can get out of their ‘victimized’ patients; even pregnant and birthing women are referred to as ‘patients’ although growing and birthing a baby is hardly a disease!

The medical and religious fields have turned humans into victims, who do not believe they can stand up for their own beliefs. In fact, more so-called civilized (as opposed to primitive) humans on the planet are actually told what they have to believe by doctors and religious leaders and politicians. What a sad state of affairs! It surely is time to WAKE UP! Again! We were once awake – many millennia ago… but fear and judgement got in the way. The present state of victimization is where fear and judgement have lead humanity – a place of fear and war and violence and rape and incest and disrespect and intervention into natural processes! To a place where God’s/Goddess’ created herbs and plants are now becoming ‘illegal’ to use in herbal and homeopathic remedies. The active ingredients have been patented by Big Pharma to be used in dead and killing drugs and medications. (Although, on some level, this is giving those awakened ones; those who have stepped off the matric treadmill – the opportunity to begin growing our own fruit, veggies and herbs to feed and heal ourselves nourishingly without the use of chemicals and toxins attached to them; grown in soil renutrified with organic compost and green manure to begin replacing the deficiencies in the soil and our bodies.

Another reason that our children are born sick is the fact that most of them are delivered in the system of medical management, where the baby is at a disadvantage from the moment it leaves the birth canal of its mother. (In the true sense of the word, the baby is already born when it is disadvantaged by the following.) Why, you might ask? Doctors and hospital midwives generally to not seem to understand that there is a reason for the blood left is the umbilical and placenta. For some unbeknownst reason, at the moment of the baby leaves its nice comfortable home, and usually before it has taken its first breath, the umbilical cord is clamped and cut and it and the placenta find themselves in a cold receiver, later to be tossed into an incinerator bin to be burned or harvested for stem cells.

So, why am I making such a fuss? Well, it is this! It is a documented fact that 20 – 50% of the baby’s own blood is left behind in the cord and the placenta. The blood is part of the baby’s entire circulating blood volume, which would naturally have transfused into the organs of the baby’s body that have been functioning at 20% capacity throughout the baby’s gestation. Not only this, but the baby is deprived of all the nutrients and other necessary factors in this amount of blood that would naturally be entering its body via the blood stream for its subsequent growth. There are also emotional and spiritual factors involved in the baby being severed from one of its own organs without so much as a by-your-leave.

According to Shivam Rachana (author of Lotus Birth), “The emotional body is nourished by a lack of stress on the new organism (when the placenta remains attached). It enjoys the ongoing support of the placenta, which allows the flow of oxytocin (the love hormone), as opposed to adrenaline, which is generated by the fear-or-survival (or fight-or-flight) mechanism. This allows the baby the primal imprint of happiness and bliss as it takes in its first sights, sound smells and tastes. Once the cord is emptied of blood, transference from the placenta is still occurring. Life force still in the placenta is transferred to the baby. This transference continues until the baby’s auric field is complete, which can take three to seven days. At this point of auric completion, the cord simply comes away at the navel”.

Soni Decker says that “cutting the cord is associated with issues of separation and loneliness, whereas discarding the placenta is associated with issues of abandonment and loss of security”.

So, our babies are being born sick because we also have given our power away to the medical and pharmaceutical and religious and political industries as a result of our own hypnotized state as well as theirs. Only when we are willing to see ourselves and them from behind the short wall and change our minds about our lives and how our children are born, is it all likely that we will awake from our exceedingly long slumber.

Fortunately, there are many cosmic energies flowing onto and into the planet right now than at any time since the fall of Atlantis, maybe ever, to assist us to raise our vibrational levels and to awaken humanity to the fact that we have been hypnotized and slumbering for the past, at least, 12 millennia! The Portal of 21-12-2012 exploded open at the end of the 25-year nano-second of time that began in mid-August 1987. During these 25 years, humanity has been impulsed with as much energy as Cosmic Law could allow, in order for each human to begin raising their vibrational frequencies, and begin remembering Who They Truly Are, to the degree that Gaia/Mother Earth would not fully destroy herself and all her inhabitants, human and other! Enough humans have been able to awaken and step off the treadmill of mundane life (the matrix) by raising their vibrations sufficiently for this to be prevented. The Galactic Federation of the Light is now assisting the Awakened Ones to fully remember their true Multi-Dimensional Nature – Who We Truly Are – even the murderers and the rapist and the criminals! We are all aspects of our Multi-dimensional SELF having an earthly 3-D experience in this hologram called Earth/Gaia.

At this time in the Herstory of planet Earth, we have the greatest opportunity ever to change our Story and shift out of a history of war, violence, famine, rape, incest and control, and move into an era of peace, love, grace, joy, health, sacred birth and much much more. But it is my considered opinion that this will only be able to happen when we change the way we prepare our bodies to welcome incarnating souls and their physical vehicles or bubbles of biology.


(Lawrence Olivier narrating “Time”).

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