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Healing & Regenerating Mat


Healing & Regenerating Mat – 3 therapies in 1


Product Description

3 therapies in 1

Negative Ion Therapy

Has the same effect in the body as antioxidants
Stimulates the cell membrane and mitochondria
Improve blood flow
Improves mood

Far Infrared Therapy
Penetrates approximately 7cm into the body
improves circulation
increases metabolism
aids tissue repair
relaxes muscles, eases stiff joints, relieves pain

Crystal Therapy
Jade calms and balances
Tourmaline expels emotional, physical, mental toxins
When crystals are heated it enhances above healing properties.
When crystals are heated they increase production of negative ions and far infrared rays.

General Info
Material: 14 layers of non-toxic materials, includes EMF blocking material.
Controller : with temperature dial – 55 degrees maximum of mat surface. 12 hour setting allows for all night sleeping.
Power supply: 110 – 120 Volts, 55 Watts.
Transportable : Comes with carry case.

Sizes: Medium : 80cmx50cmx3cm – 32 Jade discs, 18 tourmaline discs.

Full size : 180cmx60cmx3cm – 82 Jade discs, 54 tourmaline discs

Delivery: 14 days from payment received.

1 year warrantee for the mat,5 year warrantee for the controller.

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