At the end of last year I met with Debra for lunch in Hillcrest, She had just moved to KZN from Gauteng and was still looking for a place to stay for her and her 2 German Shepherds.  We chatted about the work she does and this calling she had to come to Durban to offer her services here. Before meeting her, I had zero understanding of Kinesiology.

I had read up on it a few times and many people have actually tried to explain the technique to me, but I was still in dark about what it can do and how it works. This is indeed one of those therapies where you have to experience it to understand it. How do you explain the flavor of an orange to someone who has never eaten an orange before?

After leaving Debra, I was very excited for our planned appointment as I had this deep feeling that this gentle soul knew what she was talking about and is truly passionate about helping people.
I recently went for my first Kinesiology session with Debra, which was an hour long. In all honesty I still don’t fully understand the process but it has helped me tremendously.

You see, last year was a terrible year for me. I lost my dad and there were many challenges throughout the year which created an uneasy feeling and stress on my chest. Can you believe that I could not take a deep breath for 8 months! As a yoga instructor, this was totally unacceptable.

Keep in mind that I never told Debra about this breathing issue I have been struggling with, somehow my body told knew exactly what needed healing and clearing.
During the session, the lung meridian came up numerous times and Debra was able to determine that my lungs were blocked and the energy wasn’t flowing clearly and smoothly. So, after a few simple techniques were done to help clear it my lungs, I sat up, sighed and inhaled a deep breath. I was able to easily fill my lungs for the first time in 8 months. It brought me such joy and excitement that I could not contain it and had to share the story all over social media! I have a much better understanding of how Kinesiology works now. During this 1 session I learnt that Kinesiology is process whereby through muscle testing we can ask the body questions and the body replies.
Today so many of us feel over stressed and tired, to busy with not enough time in the day to get everything done. We worry about paying the bill at the end of the month or feel anxious about all the other commitments we have on our plates. All this overwhelm can lead to living in survival mode creating imbalances in our over well-being. Too often we choose to ignore the silent messages and clues that our bodies are giving us until it screams out at us with some sort of discomfort, disease or illness. Kinesiology helps us to tune in to and clear any underlying suppressed emotions or subconscious matters that are creating these imbalances and affecting our daily lives; so that we can get back to living in an optimal way.

Please contact Debra for more info or to book. It is well worth it!
Contact Debra on:
0847227021 | or visit her website at:

Review written by Tarryn Coetzee

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