Review by Roxann James
Copy Writer & Editor Chanel Lingenfelder

It’s all about learning to succeed through personal evolvement when it comes to Lior Losinsky and the Best Life Clinic, where the focus is on healing, be it trauma, overcoming obstacles, or easing depression by eliminating anxiety and fear, and in so doing release the gifts of reclaiming joy, emotional independence, and abundance, through self-empowerment.

Being a former physiotherapist, Lior not only understands the human anatomy but also the mind and emotions as he is qualified in an array of priority therapies from Meridian Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, right thought to a certified NLP practitioner which earned him the honor of working with the many facets of the psyche, as an avid member of the Health and Wellness Industry. 

Consultations are either facilitated in person or online. Roxann chose the online option which she described as “feeling comfortable and relaxed”. She suffered from general anxiety and nervous tension like millions do as a result of these uncertain times that we are in. The session was very deep and emotional as Lior taps into our innate blockages that stifle our growth which prevents us from releasing the chains that bind us.

She said “After the session, I felt much more ‘in control’ of my feelings and emotions. I understood what was troubling me and Lior gave me the insight on how to deal with these should anxiety arise again” leaving her clear-minded and inspired. Sessions vary in duration according to the client’s needs.

All treatments administered by The Best Life Clinic strives to get to the bottom of our internal (sometimes infinite) rabbit hole. Unresolved trauma results in negative emotions which bring about limitation, and as our subconscious becomes flooded with these invisible gremlins of our past, our conscious (or reality) bares the brut of it. Because our subconscious doesn’t have a sense of direction (or humour for that matter), we are often plagued without being able to pinpoint why we feel the way we feel. This is the kind of stuff we need help with, and that Lior taps into during healing.

The result is a shift in attitude which brings about gratitude and thus our pendulum of worthiness makes a 180° swing towards happiness, contentment, and a feeling of belonging. Treatments carry NO age restrictions. Lior also offers self-empowering workshops and other well-being products to support your journey towards emotional liberty.

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