Review by Roxann James.
Copy Writer & Editor Chanel Lingenfelder

Feeling rather drained from lockdown blues I decided to give me skin a much needed ‘refresher lift’ so I chatted to Melanie from Celluvac who suggested The Celluvac Derma Roller which a received 2 days later during lockdown!

I used the roller system after my evening bath first applying the oil followed by the roller. I was careful not to apply pressure as the rollers are covered in micro spikes yet the process was painless leaving my skin slightly pink and sensitive to the touch, but the next morning it was fine.

The treatment offers a variety of uses from reducing wrinkles, soothing scar tissue, lifting pigmentation right down to enhancing hydration and balancing an uneven skin tone.

The roller is easy to clean keeping it ready for use. Since my first application I have definitely seen a visible improvement in my skin and pigmentation. I feel that by using it before bed works best for me as it gives my skin time to normalize overnight before taking on the day feeling and looking great! Initially I used it three times a week but now I am down to only once a week which goes to prove that I little effort goes a long way if we only apply! And yes, we are worth it!

For those interested in this amazing product please contact:

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I also offer my own personal ‘Do’s and Do Not’s’ :

Test the roller first by rolling on your hand to test your skin’s reaction to the process and to get a feel for the rollers.

Use Vitamin C serum, DO NOT roll on active acne (this will spread bacteria and make you break out more). LIFT the dermaroller off the skin between strokes.

SANITIZE the dermaroller before and after use (I soak it in rubbing alcohol and kept it in its packaging).

AVOID wearing makeup straight after dermarolling wherever possible (don’t want makeup stuck deep down in the skin), and lastly, do not overdo it–depending on length of the needle, you’ll need variant amounts of time between each session to give the skin time to heal.

Dermarollers are very effective against sun damaged and ageing skin

Smooths fine lines and deep wrinkles & improve skin texture

Dermarollers reduce depressed acne scars, ice pick and chickenpox scars

Microneedling is not effective against cellulite | FULL BODY CUPPING THERAPY – extremely effective! (see previous review on cupping here:

What’s in the box:

1 x Derma Roller 0.75mm
Skin Oil

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