Sunday 5th May
Entertainment Line up

9am: Doors Open

The schedule of entertainment may change slightly closer to the time.

9:15am: Om Chanting

Om Chanting is a powerful group healing technique which involves sitting in a specifically arranged group and chanting OM for 20 minutes. The collective repeated chanting of OM enhances and amplifies the power of OM. This power of OM helps one to release emotions, thoughts, and negative energy. Participants of Om Chanting experience positive shifts in emotional, physical and mental well being thereby bringing about peace, love and joy in one’s life, to the environment and to the world at large.

Krishna Jagarnath – Om Chanting Country Co-ordinator Bhakti Marga SA 072 522 2249

 10am: NIA Dancing

Nia is effective work-out that is FUN & CREATIVE. It will re-connect you to the JOY OF BEING ALIVE. Nia reaches into your heart, motivating you to become fit and healthy by evoking a personal desire to explore your potential, through movement and music. Nia is done barefoot & has 52 basic easy moves that are purposeful, exhilarating and motivating. Nia tones the body & enhances flexibility, agility, mobility, strength, stamina, balance, vitality and overall health. It also calms the mind and releases tension and stress. Non-competitive and adaptable to all levels of fitness.

Hillcrest – Lorraine – 031 7671690 –
Durban North – Fiona Furniss – 083 2585880 –
Berea – Charisse Shepherd – 083 6310889 –
Clansthal – Liz Cunningham – 083 5568108 –
Pietermaritzburg – Adrienne Dobeyn – 082 8900524 –
Ballito – Michelle Bryant – 082 7776778 –

11am: Belly Dancing with Belly Fusion

A Captivating Fusion of Dance Styles Fused with the Intrigues of Belly Dance.
This Durban based dance studio teaches a fusion of dance styles including belly dancing, hula and, Bollywood from Beginner to Professional level.
At the show they will be preforming 2 belly dance routines.
Contact : Alison 082 824 0908

11.30am: Samurai Arts Demonstration by Guy McGowan

Guy McGowan has a long history of martial arts practice. Since 2002, however, he has followed the more traditional Samurai Arts — predominantly Kenjutsu (Japanese swordsmanship) and Aikijujutsu (unarmed combat). At the Body & Mind Festival, Guy will demonstrate a few Iaijutsu kata (choreographed patterns of movement/techniques). In addition to the physical benefits of studying these practices in terms of self-defence applications, there are of course aspects of philosophy, self-discipline and personal growth to abundantly enhance one’s Way of Being.

For further information, contact
Guy on 061 445 2841,or email

12pm: Natyakalalayam Academy Of Music & Dance

A presentation of pure Dance, Folk and Modern Dance by one of the Country’s Leading Dance Academy the Natya Kalalayum comprising of the (in existence for over 40 years) They need no introduction and the Schools are based through out Kwazulu – Natal, Northern Natal, and is now a Nationally based Academy with classes in Johannesburg as well. Led by a team of qualified Dance and Music Teachers who have trained in India with the Principal Choreographers being Srimathi Kantharuby and Natya Sudhamayi Kumari Yshrene, who have had their training in India, under Kalakshetra and great Masters in the different Styles of Dance. They have performed together with Srimathi Yshrene through all the provinces of South Africa. and through the major cities of India Mauritius, Paris, London, Botswana. Lusaka to name a few. and also for the Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi on his recent visit to South Arica. Yshrene is also a Foundation Phase Educator at the Westville Hindu Primary School, contributing to the Cultural and Academic Ethos of the School. From this dynasty of outstanding teachers we present to you today 2 Bharatha Natyam Dance pieces .

1. Pushpanjali
Pushpanjali is an offering of flowers to the Indian Gods. In Sanskrit, pushpam means `flower` and anjali means `offering with folded hands`. So Pushpanjali means offering of flowers with folded hands. Pushpanjali is normally the first dance piece in a performance. it is the salutation to the lord of dance Nataraja, the Guru, the musicians and the learned audience respectively.

Contact: 0829717537

1.00pm: Dave – Women self defense

Will be using Carlson Gracie Jiu jitsu techniques showing some basic standing self defense techniques as well as some ground fighting techniques and we will finish off with a real time battle display

Dave  – 084 446 6696

 2:pm: Yoga Demonstration with
Prathiksha Naidu From Hot Yoga Durban

Hot Yoga is a series of Hatha yoga poses practiced in a safely heated studio .
This style of yoga is popular and practiced by millions around the world .
During the class the studio is heated . This allow you to work deeply into poses inducing a heavy sweat which detoxifies the body whilst helping concentration skills , promoting balance , strength , flexibility and overall wellness .
Many forms of physical exercise leave the body strong in one area but stiff and weak in others . Hot yoga is powerful because it helps us to stretch and strengthen the entire body creating balance and harmony inside and out .
More importantly than how our postures look is how they make us feel !

The sequence at Hot yoga Durban helps you grow in spirit , leaving you invigorated , boosted self esteem and leaves you feeling uplifted and empowered .

3:00pm: NIA Dancing

3:45pm: Om Chanting

We finish our day with a beautiful OM Chant.

Thank you for sharing your time with us.

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