Do you have a great idea but you don’t know how to make it work?

Are you doubting your own abilities?

Or do you just keep on delaying the launch?

I know that feeling very well! Over the years I have had so many ideas, but I struggled to see them
through. I missed out on some great opportunities because I kept on PROCRASTINATING!

Today, after many years of trying different self-improvement strategies, I realised that as a complex
individual, there is no ‘one size fits all’ method. You have your own set of emotional baggage to carry
and the cause of your thought patterns and your long list of unfounded insecurities will be unique.

If you have been reading my blogs, you will know that I am a great supporter of taking an holistic
view on healing. Having studied binaural beats, the sub-conscious mind and quantum healing, I took
the next step in completing my meditational instructor course.

My first encounter with a meditation challenge was with Deepak Chopra. It made a profound impact
on me! But….it needed a bit MORE!

I learnt that we are stuck in a ‘poverty mindset’ by generational conditioning. Our upbringing caused
many insecurities about our own abilities to be successful. Our schooling taught us to think in a
linear fashion, which seems fine on the surface, yet it causes unnecessary blockages when it comes
to planning and executing business plans in an easy flowing fashion.

The last statement might seems strange to you, but it is very true.

I will never forget one of my very first drawing classes where the teacher asked us to copy an image
onto a clean piece of paper. Every child in that class managed to get a squinted version drawn, but it
was far from perfect!
Then she instructed us to turn the original image upside down. I thought she was completely mad,
but we followed her instructions. “Now, try copying that image, again!” she said…

Lo and behold! Every single drawing was basically perfect!

What was the lesson here? It’s quite simple, actually…

You bluffed your brain! You took away your brains ability to ‘think ahead’ in creating what it ‘thinks’
it should be. You removed the linear thinking.

OK…so what if I created a meditation challenge, but I made it even more effective? By using a
combination of sub-conscious altering tools, like binaural beats, visualisation, expansion activities,
cell vibration (flower essences) and working on remodelling our belief systems…..what would the
result be?

So I started working on my plan…

I found that the most common blocks to taking that leap to success, can be eliminated by working
with quantum cell vibration. I created a blend of essences that deal with:

  1. Poverty consciousness and our (un)willingness to receive abundance
  2. Procrastination and indecisiveness, the inability to ‘follow through’
  3. Inexplicable fears, grief and shock, positive commitment to the future
  4. Eliminate the expectation of disaster and self-sabotage
  5. Bring the left and right hemispheres of the brain into equilibrium
  6. Trusting your own judgment and build your self confidence


I researched frequencies that would clear blockages in the body and incorporated it into soothing
music. Then I started recording the guided meditations. And the end result was spectacular!
If you are new to meditation, or you struggle to let go of those interrupting thoughts, don’t worry!
As a qualified meditation teacher, I ease you into the process (by teaching you to meditate without
you even realising I am doing it!).
I launched my first SUCCESS CHALLENGE 2 years ago. I took that leap! And it was a resounding

21 days, of putting aside 20 minutes for yourself, will change your life forever!

“What a life changing experience the Alive Success Challenge was! I
highly recommend it for anyone who wants to turn their life around and
want to see a real change in their business. This challenge changed me
as a person and my business for the better! It helped me realize things
about success and helped me positively grow, personally and businesswise!”
– Henriette –

Are you ready to join our intimate group (limited to 25 participants) on the next challenge?

Diarise the date! 15 April 2022


  1. A bottle of the SUCCESS blend (taken daily) – free delivery in SA
  2. Daily expansion activities
  3. Support and interaction from your peers
  4. Symbol interpretation
  5. Success!

For only R420 per participant! That is a personal investment of only R20 per day! Enrolment closes
on 10 April 2022 to ensure that every person receives their Success Blend on time. You only need
WhatsApp on your phone and 20 minutes a day, for ME time.

BOOK your spot – send a WhatsApp to 081 322 1886

“The Alive Success Challenge was just what I needed. 

For so long I felt myself frustrated in business, having a vision but not going anywhere.

Doing this 21 day challenge was so transformative and enlightening, I was calm and relaxed everyday and ready for whatever I had to do.

As with instilling new habits a few bumps came up in my life, but I handled each one and kept my focus on my goals.

There are great tools given to assist you with your business vision and goals.

I’m so grateful I had this opportunity enter my life!

No doubt it’s a practice and awareness I have for life now.

Thank you Maxine!”

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