Festival Details

Talks in our Chat Circle

On our veranda next to the food court we will setup some chairs and a few presenters will give a talk on the half hour.


Our Line up of Talks are as follows:

10.30 – Cheryl-Ann Antonizzi

A simple and highly effective way to release stress and anxiety.
Everyone experiences varying degrees of stress and anxiety in their lives. This tension is held deep within the body, and if not released, can lead to many dysfunctions within the body.
This talk will focus on how you can release this tension in a natural way without the use of drugs from the comfort of your own home. It is successful with children as well as adults.

11.30 –  Allison Steedman

Natural Healing with Cannabinoids

Please join me for an informative talk on healing naturally with cannabinoids, where I will teach you about the endocannabinoid system and give you an understanding of what cannabinoids can do to help you regain your health and vitality without the use of dangerous pharmaceuticals.

12.30pm – The Art of Listening

Presented by Kari Enes and Guy McGowan at 12.30pm in the Courtyard.

The average person has approximately 70,000 thoughts a day. Our minds are continually active, whether we’re awake or asleep. Added to the mix are all the conversations we have each day, at work, at home and with ourselves; printed and digital media; TV and radio, as well as all the emails and text messaging we send and receive. Not to forget the eternally present social media feeds we absorb and interact with. An incessant deluge of information — and it all exists in Language!

That’s rather a lot to handle isn’t it? Whether or not it works to our detriment or benefit depends on how we Listen. The Art of Listening shines a spotlight on our Language, helping us to become more effective Listeners. As a proficient Listener — of other people, of the world around us and, most importantly, of ourselves, we get to shape our lives the way we choose.

Join Kari Enes and Guy McGowan for an interactive session introducing The Art of Listening and learn how to begin implementing the exercise in your daily lives with phenomenal results!

You’re welcome to come along for a Listen!


1.30pm – Debbie Fox

Feng Shui involves you, because your environment influences you, whether it is supporting or not.  Feng Shui principles ensure that what we surround ourselves with gives us the maximum benefits of balance, harmony, well being, and prosperity.

2.30pm – Claire Gibson

Kahuna can only be described as transformational bodywork. A sanctuary for your skin & all that breathes within.

3.15 pm-  Krishna


Atma Kriya Yoga is the easiest way to realise the unity with the whole, as it aligns the body, mind and spirit towards God-realisation. Atma Kriya Yoga stands for remembering that all is God – in all time and space. Previously taught by Paramahamsa Yoganands.

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