Tina Cornish, a Reiki Master since 2003 and a Life Coach is working with God, a team of Archangels, and Ascended Masters to bring forth an ever-expanding higher dimensional energy to assist humanity to transform their own consciousness through the Christ-light field. She helps you to understand and translate the universal divine order already taking place in your life. Tina is passionate about empowering you to heal, and transform, with love and appreciation for your life. She is certified in colour therapy, communication skills, merkaba meditation, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and has also studied and used crystals, meridian therapy, EFT (emotional freedom techniques) and feng shui.

My Mission : To assist you to awaken, heal, be empowered, be motivated and transform your life into your highest purpose.

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Tina is a Body and Mind member, South Africa’s online health and well being directory of healers and therapists.

Visit Tina’s page for more information about her http://www.bodyandmind.co.za/TinaCornish Garden Route, Sedgefield, Western Cape