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The Healing Enterprise with Barbel Blaser
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It’s time to unlock the potential within you
and overcome the obstacles
that have been standing between you and the life
you have always wanted.
I work on the principle that we all have, within ourselves, everything we need to get our lives in balance and back on track.
As a psychological counsellor, motivational life coach, qualified hypnotherapist, and crystal healer,
I create a personalised journey of empowerment where you can uncover your true path and potential.

Life Coaching
Find balance and master every aspect of your life by looking at goal setting, establishing priorities, personal growth,
pinpointing and removing success blocks, stress, and relationship management.
During our Life Coaching sessions, I focus on the outcome you desire and thus ensure that each session is tailor-made to achieve that.
I will not only give you the encouragement, motivation and support you need to make changes in your life but will also give you the tools to achieve your goals long-term.
I specialize in Solution-Focused Therapy as well as the Time to Think approach created by Nancy Kline.

This is a gentle and safe way to access your subconscious mind in order to address and
correct underlying belief systems that are causing stress, anxiety and dis-ease in your life.
Hypnotherapy can assist in treating and alleviating:
• Anxiety and stress
• Changing your belief systems
• Fears and phobias
• Low confidence and self-esteem
• Negative body image
• Processing and integrating complex life experiences/trauma
• Relationship challenges
• Self-destructive behaviours and lack of self-love/self-care
• Sexual dysfunction and intimacy issues
• Sleeplessness
• Smoking and substance abuse
• Trouble attaining professional and personal goals

Crystal Healing
Crystal Healing is a non-invasive holistic form of vibrational healing that assists with balancing the
energy centres in our body and correcting leaks in the auric field around us.
By placing specific crystals on and around the body, they shift any unbalanced energy into a positive vibration.
During your Energy Healing session, I facilitate this by placing a crystal grid around you
as well as on specific areas of your body whilst you lie on a healing bed.
Each client is treated individually depending on what chakras are blocked as well as any impurities that might be in the auric field.
This assists in balancing dis-ease leaving you to feel completely relaxed with renewed energy.
Crystal Healing can help you with:
• relief of stress & anxiety
• improving mental clarity and concentration
• relief in depression
• healing of the chakras
• alleviation of headaches
• improvement in sleep issues

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4 Norton Dingle Dr, Belle Ombre, Cape Town, Western Cape
Western Cape

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