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Keith Cunningham – Driver Assess

Driver Assess with Keith Cunningham Life is a journey, enjoy the drive. My Purpose is to ‘Journey Consciously’, my Noble Goal is to ‘Enable Conscious Life Journey’s in Others’; Driver Assess enables me to do both, while at the same time making our roads safer for everyone who uses them. Driving EQ – Emotions drive… Read More Keith Cunningham – Driver Assess


Vacuflex By Shamla Govender

Although the concept of Vacuflex was totally new to me I felt so welcome and at ease when I had my consultation with Shamla. On entering her healing sanctuary I felt at peace. She made me comfortable and asked that I relax for a while whilst listening to gentle celestial music playing in the background. Once… Read More Vacuflex By Shamla Govender


Manifestation Workshop with Merle & Christine

12th September 2018 Manifestation Workshop with Merle & Christine I received an invitation to attend a manifestation workshop presented by two of Durban’s most vibrant healers, Merle Westcott and Christine Hardy. They are Life Alignment practitioners and teachers and have a combine experience of 27 years The day started off with an introduction by our… Read More Manifestation Workshop with Merle & Christine


Kinesiology by Stacey Destombes

To nurse my back, having continual problems with discomfort and pain, I visited Stacey for a kinesiology session. My main area of concern that day was the upper Trapezius and neck area. Upon arrival Stacey made me feel at ease and comfortable. She started off with a brief consultation on my physiological and medical history… Read More Kinesiology by Stacey Destombes


Egyptian Healing by Cheryl-Anne

I recently had an invite from Cheryl-Anne Antonizzi to experience an Egyptian Healing Session. For this session Cheryl-Anne works with Celestial and Ascended Masters, Lords of Light and the Angelic legions of Light supported by the person’s personal guides where she taps into healing energy which is channelled through her into the patient, much like… Read More Egyptian Healing by Cheryl-Anne


Pure Rejuvenation – Wendy Wotherspoon

Pure Rejuvenation – Wendy Wotherspoon (Glenwood Durban) When I was invited to experience a massage by Wendy Wotherspoon I couldn’t help reflecting on her slogan “Not Just Massage” and I have to agree it rings true to everything she stands for. I had the most incredible massage, and although Wendy sticks to her appointments on… Read More Pure Rejuvenation – Wendy Wotherspoon


TLC Yoga at Jivananda Centre

As a child, I developed Scoliosis. This is a sideways curvature of the spine that occurs during the growth spurt periods of childhood. By the time I reached 18, the S-shaped curve needed surgery because my spine was bending by approximately 1 degree every year. In those days, I thought, surgery was the only option… Read More TLC Yoga at Jivananda Centre


Deep Tissue Massage with Physique Aid Review

The undeniable power of touch! I was recently invited by the owner, Sne of ‘Physique Aid’ in Cowey Road Morningside (Durban) to indulge in one of their many therapies on offer and as I was suffering (badly) from tension, sore muscles and back pain. I opted for the ‘Deep Tissue Massage’ experience, and boy what… Read More Deep Tissue Massage with Physique Aid Review


Infinite by Forever skin range Review

So I was one of the lucky ladies who got selected by Alison Coates (from Beyond Abundance) to test the Infinite by Forever skin range. ‘Forever’ are renowned for their remarkable aloe vera based wellness and skin care products. Alison delivered the samples and products in a beautiful package and explained the details and “how to”, then stayed… Read More Infinite by Forever skin range Review


Kahuna Massage with Claire Gibson

I visited Claire Gibson for an absolute treat massage. Firstly I was greeted at the door by Claire with a warm big hug and she placed a gift of beads around my neck, representative of the traditional Hawaiian welcome lei. She offered me tea while I admired the magnificent 180 degree view of the ocean.… Read More Kahuna Massage with Claire Gibson