By Chanel Lingenfelder

Firstly, the email link to connect to the Zoom room worked like a charm first click, and after a short wait I was permitted ‘into the room’. Nirvana made everyone feel comfortable and gave a short and clear explanation of what to expect, the do’s, and don’ts. So, I relaxed and poured myself a cuppa as the first psychic entered. There were several rooms with a maximum of ten people per room with the psychics rotating every twenty minutes or so. Two of the ladies in my room took part in the previous event and loved it. I felt at ease from the moment go. Everyone in our room could see each other so it felt like a virtual version of my lounge, and even though we didn’t know each other we all had one thing in common, give us some info!

4 rotating psychics popped into various ‘lounges’ and although time was limited, they managed to include everyone in the room and opened the floor for questions. Obviously, with me being a channel, I was extremely curious as to how this was going to go down, and more so how accurate the messages were.

Well, it went down FANTASTICALLY!

All of the psychics were professional and compassionate. Most of them worked with a ‘crossing over’ style which got the emotions going as the messages were real and clear. It was so wonderful to see such a mixed group of people from both the psychic and attendance side, I mean African, White, Indian, and Coloured! The reason why I mention this is because it was so stunning to enjoy something together as a rainbow nation! We laughed and cried together, the way our nation should!

One thing that stood out was just after Pricilla finished her message to a lady about her late mother that came through it was rotation time, and as Suki came into the room she went straight to the same lady and asked her if she knew this person that was ‘hanging around’ – and trust me the psychics are not able to hear or see what the last one had shared. It was astounding!

I got a message from both Nandipha and Sharron, both to the point and extremely accurate! My guides spelled out exactly what I needed to hear from someone else, thank you, ladies, all of you!

Wow, what a tremendous evening! Everything flowed as both Traci and Nirvana handled the controls like pros! One thing for sure, we don’t have to stand back for any overseas webinars, and at such an affordable price one can afford to do this often! Even more surprising was the half-price offer on follow-up readings for everyone that took part. Now we’re talking!!

Apart from the amazing psychics and entertaining evening, it was excellent value for our money. It was so nice to be part of something ‘proudly South African’ yet with an international flavour in the mix! I can’t wait for the next one!

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