by Traci French
Copy Writer & Editor Chanel Lingenfelder

Lynnie Blessings from Blessings Healings Wellness Center & Esoteric Shop

OK truth commission here goes! I had an online reading done with Lynnie which was to the point, an amazing lady with a matching bubbly personality of note.
Lynnie stated that there is a very strong connection between my dad and myself, and that nothing has changed with his recent departure as he is always with me. I am my ‘daddy’s girl’ being the ‘laat lammetjie’ in the house, and yes he’s been my Gibraltar all along. She said that I stand on my own two feet, and that I don’t easily ask for help of any kind, and that there are some big changes install which I welcome! My immediate focus is to get Body and Mind more vocal and ‘out there’ doing exhibitions and promotions to widen our scope hence to uplift and promote all of our members as best we can, especially on new platforms. The nudges from the other side was for me to ‘tidy up’ and review my routines (which needs adjusting) and to sort out my fitness levels. I need to demystify the important from the not, (especially with stuff) that keeps clogging my energy flow, and by that decluttering won’t be a bad idea at all! Humans on average are obsessed with stuff, thus natural ‘stuffologists’ henceforth we allow unnecessary distractions to mystify our view.
She explained that my ‘male survival instinct’ is very strong hence my ‘need’ to always want to be ‘on top of everything’. She suggested I take time-out to do some real R&R thus to delegate more, and that especially with my busy lifestyle I don’t allow myself enough rest and pampering. My husband wants us to reposition into a quieter suburb with a bigger house which I feel the time is not right, so I asked her about money…to which she replied ‘we are not fortune or bank tellers (lol) but that progression would be a good prospect and it’s bound to happen.
She shared some affirmations with me for me to work with on a regular basis. She concluded by saying that I need to remember that ‘mistakes are only experiences that needs attention and fine tuning’ and thus I need to take more chances and do things I would normally shy away from because of my inherent ‘be safe’ archetypal mould. So with that said guess who’s going to take some quantum leaps into the unknown? ME!
Lynnie does a wide range of other therapies like Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki ki, Crystal Healing, Access Consciousness Bars, Energy healing Attunement, Angellinks, Colour Therapy and other alternative therapies. Also on offer is a range of amazing products from candles to incense including ornaments and all things esoteric! She is based in the south of JHB in gorgeous, safe and serene surrounds. Do check out her page and give her a call or email her to find out what the world of cards and healing has in store for you!
Lynnie is a Body and Mind member, visit her page for more information