by Traci French and Roxann James a combined review.
Copy Writer & Editor Chanel Lingenfelder

Like the author, this book is without frills or fantasy, it is what is, absolutely honest!

Louise, being a kind and gentle soul with a drive that could kick-start a Boeing, writes in a loving and supportive style which is easy to integrate and work with. The book helps identifying intermittent patterns that we fall prey to time and again, like repeated unsupportive conducts and dysfunctional relationships.

It delivers outstanding tactics to implement, resulting in improved relationships all round, thus by defining what veers our relationships off-course, we are able to emerge better, brighter and blissful, be that within a romantic scenario or amongst colleagues.

It is a one of those gems that you will revisit, be it either to recap or redo, and bet your bottom dollar each time you do so it will present you with a host of formerly unobserved tools!

Louise, as within her personal life, is not shy to show her vulnerable side which inspires the reader to follow suit, for the more we share, the more the universe cares! You know the cliché “The Universe wants action” and boy, action it will get as you clear your slate from old stagnant energy and wounds! The book is complimented by a wonderful ‘hands on’ workbook section that supports the reader to reflect on your progress whilst revealing your progress when applying some of the tools provided.  

It is an absolute must for parents, providing simple and profound proposals when dealing with issues that affect children consciously and/or subconsciously resulting in a resounding win/win scenario which sets a process in motion that will inspire and guide them in adulthood to avert a repeat of former setbacks.

Louise understands the fundamental progression of transformation (change). She is fully committed to help readers ‘go the course’ thus to crawl the walk at first if need be, but one thing for sure in no time at all the one who takes this book in hand will hop-skip-and-jump their way towards fulfilling their pioneering leadership essence.

“Hamster Wheel Relationships” as a profound bestseller, is an invaluable guide for every man and his dog (or cat).

To partake further in this amazing process join her interactive Facebook group which provides opportunity for personal liaisons as you embrace this incredible tool for positive transformation.

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