The undeniable power of touch!

I was recently invited by the owner, Sne of ‘Physique Aid’ in Cowey Road Morningside (Durban) to indulge in one of their many therapies on offer and as I was suffering (badly) from tension, sore muscles and back pain. I opted for the ‘Deep Tissue Massage’ experience, and boy what an experience it was! My therapist Cassey was incredible to say the least!

Upon arrival I was informed about the treatment and what to expect. When I asked about the difference between the various massages they explained that ‘Deep Tissue’ massage focuses mainly on muscle to relief pressure and tension whereas ‘Swedish” massage was more a general overall relaxation of the body as a whole. I desperately needed specific areas targeted hence my choice of therapy. She went on to explain that as ‘Deep Tissue’ massage also targets deeper muscles by zoning in on the tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints) the overall result was amazing especially for those of us suffering from chronic muscle tension.

Cassey certainly had ‘the touch’ – she started off the session with gentle movements (to put me at ease whilst warming my muscles to relax) which slowly intensified as needed. I was extremely tense so it was a bit sensitive as she applied more pressure, but I have to be honest once I adjusted to the pressure it was such a relief to actually feel how the knots in my back were dispersing and although she also concentrated on individual sections that needed more attention she altered the pressure accordingly with the result I fell into a deep state of relaxation!

She used a mixture of warm aromatherapy oils to aid relaxation and to help act on my taught muscles. The warm oil was relaxing in itself, and truly blissful when she did some sweeping effleurage movements to relax the muscle tissue in-between manipulation, which I must add was done in such a professional way, I felt amazing!

Cassey explained that muscles spasm disrupts circulation which causes pain and stiffness due to the inflammation. As she was working on me I could feel the tension in my neck and upper shoulders easing, what a relief! By the time she finished off with my arms and legs I was in a state of total bliss and calm.

Cassey ended off the treatment with Hot Stones. I thought I was in heaven! I know that the stones obviously served a purpose but for me just to feel the heat penetrating into my well worked muscles was just heavenly. The stuff dreams are made of! She left the stones on my back for a while to go about their magic as I slowly (and reluctantly) emerged from my own chrysalis of relaxation and what I pleasure it was! Thank you all for the amazing treatment, great care, and attention to detail which made me feel pampered all the way and ready to tackle the world!

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