So I was one of the lucky ladies who got selected by Alison Coates (from Beyond Abundance) to test the Infinite by Forever skin range. ‘Forever’ are renowned for their remarkable aloe vera based wellness and skin care products. Alison delivered the samples and products in a beautiful package and explained the details and “how to”, then stayed for a cup of coffee for a wonderful social visit (not just all business).

I started using the creams on the Friday. The products come with: hydrating cleanser, firming complex, firming serum, and restoring cream. I did some research on these products and found some interesting facts about them. The product formulas combine natural ingredients that work together to restore moisture, stimulate healthy collagen levels and basically reduce all signs of skin ageing.

The hydrating cleanser had a bit of a fruit smell to it. The light-weight milk cleanser was easy to apply and rinse off. It left my skin feeling clean, vibrant and well-nourished. What I liked about it is that it increased my skin’s hydration and gently washed away makeup, pollution and oil without drying out my skin.

The Firming Complex is tablets that you take. This is a supplement that helps target the appearance of ageing from the inside. These little capsules combine vitamin C to promote healthy collagen production, biotin for healthy hair and skin and marine collagen gives the appearance of tighter skin and smaller pores, and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Even though I couldn’t see a difference in the short time I used it, I really like the idea of something working from inside to support my skin structure.

The Firming Serum had a slight smell of aloe in it. It is very light and fluid and literally melts into the skin. It made my face feel soft to the touch almost immediately with a brightening, tightening and toning effect.

The Restoring Creme comes in a little pump pot which took me a little time to work out how to use. It has more than 15 skin conditioning ingredients, A blend of essential oils helps replenish the dry skin. I put it on and it made my face feel moisturised, nourished and smooth. The Restoring Crème is a perfect way to finish off your daily skin care routine.

In all in the 4 days I used these products, I can say I did see and feel an amazing difference. My skin was glowing and felt soft, smooth and hydrated.

Thank you Alison for giving me the opportunity to try this beautiful skin care range out and also for all the other little gifts you gave me in the package.

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