by Traci French.
Copy Writer & Editor Chanel Lingenfelder

12th September 2018
Manifestation Workshop with Merle & Christine

I received an invitation to attend a manifestation workshop presented by two of Durban’s most vibrant healers, Merle Westcott and Christine Hardy. They are Life Alignment practitioners and teachers and have a combine experience of 27 years

The day started off with an introduction by our hosts followed by a general share amongst the attendees to ensure that everyone was comfortable with each other. Although the workshop inspired us to work with our innate individuality, other practical aspects of the day required working as a group.

The essence of the workshop initially focused on ‘why we don’t manifest what we want’ which is all about recognising the things that didn’t work. The next phase of the workshop dares one to dig even deeper to reveal further underlying blockages which prevents us from manifesting. To a great degree this encourages us to tap into our core beliefs.

Question: Do the ‘truths’ we harbour shield or prevent us from tapping into infinite mind development, or are we open enough to allow for expansion?

Well, as fate had it, I was the first of our group on the treatment table during the group session! Merle took the group through the motion of muscle testing to clarify fundamental blockages, some of which we weren’t even aware of, followed by a process of pendulum scrutiny to verify these outcomes.

It was a deeply emotional experience for all of us, and with me being the first to be worked on, it brought me to tears, which followed by anger towards myself for unintentionally sweeping some issues under a very cosy carpet! I have to say, most of the things that came up didn’t take up the VIP lounge in my fore brain, let alone my general thinking, thus what came up was that even though I didn’t render certain issues as important, these were the fundamental cobblestones that prevented a smooth glide towards my manifestations. Once these objectives were acknowledged Merle took over to clear these. She focused on neutralising the blockages that set of subconscious triggers which time and again send me into a unnecessary frenzy without realising it. After my personal session my body naturally releasing stuck energy by tremoring and shaking out vibrations which rendered me free from the emotional constraints that I arrived with that morning.

I must say that even though I felt exhausted and somewhat drained at the end of a very intense day, I most certainly sensed that great shifts took place within my psyche which left me excited and inspired!

Merle and Christine have been working together for a number of years and make a formidable team. The workshop was amazing and beneficial.

10th October 2018
Follow-up Review Request – Manifestation Workshop with Merle & Christine

I did a wonderful manifestation workshop with Merle Westcott and Christine Hardy last month, and they asked me to do a short follow-up review on how it affected or influenced me in the weeks that followed.

To begin with although I was rather drained and emotionally exhausted at the conclusion of the workshop, when I got home that night I had a nice relaxing bath enhanced by aromatic candles, which was exactly I needed, and fortunately for me my hubby saw to some of the usual chores which gave me time to integrate all that come to light throughout the day.

The days that followed I felt inspired, even excited, yet for no apparent reason, like one feels the day before your birthday knowing full and well that you may not even receive a gift, but you feel excited nonetheless!

I felt a definite shift in my thought process, even my attitude towards things that previously seemed to hinder me had shifted. My ability to communicate in general had shifted; I seem to be able to express myself more freely. Things I kept cooped-up I am now able to share and discuss. I realise that some of my misconceptions are in truth only fallacies, like a reality check of sorts; with the result my overall mood seems lighter and positive as I am more focused on things that really matter rather than to allow trivial day-to-day challenges to veer me off my path.

It feels truly wonderful to finally let go of some unserviceable reservations not to mention deep-seated resentments that I’ve finally put to bed. Thank you ladies, your workshop has made a real impact on my being. I can hardly wait for my intentions to become manifest for I know it’s only a matter of time!

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