by Traci French
Copy Writer & Editor Chanel Lingenfelder

To nurse my back, having continual problems with discomfort and pain, I visited Stacey for a kinesiology session. My main area of concern that day was the upper Trapezius and neck area.

Upon arrival Stacey made me feel at ease and comfortable. She started off with a brief consultation on my physiological and medical history followed by my current stress status, i.e. apart from identifying my major stress trigger points, she gave me sound advise on how to overcome these challenges and where possible to avoid these altogether. Stacey also did a thorough analysis of my dietary habits. She explained that the cliché ‘we are what we eat’ couldn’t be overemphasised

Next the treatment session followed whereby she did muscle testing to have a clear indication as to what stress my body was hanging onto, both consciously and subconsciously. She revealed some deep seated fear related issues which as a result manifested as pain within my physical body. She explained that fear and emotions go hand-in-hand and more often than not we are not aware of our self-inflicting hand in all of this.

She went on to discuss the fact that when our emotions are on a tumble it is usually due to something that we are afraid of, be it known to us or not. These summersaults or rollercoasters of fluctuating reactions and sensations, be it an actual or imagined event, releases stress hormones accordingly, like in some cases the ‘fight or flight’ which is all about the balance of adrenalin and noradrenalin to help the body cope in adverse conditions. On the other hand whilst our bodies have this natural defence system to help us cope in times of danger, we have to get our emotions under control as we tend to recall the drama over and over.

As humans we find it challenging to let go of the memory of events which apart from being contained and recorded in the relevant sections of our brain, it is stored within our muscle tissue! Stacey went on to explain that deeply embedded memories have a mind-blowing effect on our physicality, positive or negative, for we often thought that we ‘let go’ of an issue, but had we really?

Stacey shared that the primary aim of Kinesiology is to identify and discard negative thought patterns and how they affect us long after the event is gone. The session brings this into our current awareness and through a process of release she instructs the body to act in view of our response, all done within the safety of our waking consciousness without any response to the trauma that caused our pain to begin with.

I found Stacey to be confident, friendly, warm, and totally passionate about what she does. Stacey either consults at Monsoon Wellness Centre or The Vertebrae Chiropractic Clinic in Hillcrest.

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