by Traci French and Roxann James a combined review.
Copy Writer & Editor Chanel Lingenfelder

This rather unusual revolutionary bio organic miracle in a bottle is a leap towards the future of healing on a quantum scale, besides it is not every day you hear of simply spraying something in your mouth that has incredible lasting effects working at cellular level!

I ordered a bottle of this magic which was delivered in ultra-quick time. Have to admit the first time I used it (on a Saturday morning after a night out)I was totally skeptical, yet I was made the fool as it sorted me out chop-chop!

I simply squirted 3 metered dosages into my mouth and viola! It had no taste (which was a bonus) and low and behold 20 minutes later I was right as rain! Apart from noticeably feeling better, I was energized, my headache was gone, the ‘morning after’ taste in my mouth was gone and so was my ‘feeling sorry for myself’ mood!

Two weeks later and I am still impressed! I use it daily and still on the minimal dose. Even though it is suggested to increase the dose I’ve kept it to a single dosage, it is just that effective! Apart from physically feeling better my angst is gone, I feel more centered, I sleep better and now all I am waiting for is to wake up looking younger! Lol! 

The Rewind Toxin Removal System uses cutting edge Nano-Technology to safely and effectively eliminate toxins from our body. It acts by removing toxic heavy metals and free radicals which impairs body functioning elevating and enhancing mind and mood activity.

This product has been linked to helping children and adults with autism, reducing anxiety, depression and brain fog, improves gut health, bloating, sleep patterns, supports weight loss and renews vital energy. Eliminating toxins can also improve concentration and behavioral issues.

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