by Traci French
Copy Writer & Editor Chanel Lingenfelder

I recently went for a BodyTalk (BT) session and the first thing Chris made me aware of is that our bodies talks to us all of the time, by giving us discomfort or pain. We often ignore the message that comes through, and most times try to medicate it away.

Energy needs to flow unimpeded in our systems for optimum health, stagnant energy causes pain. Pain mostly caused by unresolved, trapped emotions. Very often we are certain that we have dealt with an issue, yes, we might have on a mind level, but it is embedded at cellular level  and it still ‘plays’ in our energy field. Emotion runs our show! 

BodyTalk realigns the body’s communication pathways impacted by daily stress, toxins, imbalances,  unresolved emotions and life-trauma, all which impacts adversely our ability to do life with ease. It is imperative to trust what our bodies are trying to tell us and seek assistance to address the issue, which is mostly subconscious and buried in our hologram. The issue will repeat itself until brought to the conscious mind and see it for what it is: a pattern which is trying to teach us to do things differently and release the impact on our lives.

A BodyTalk session addresses our history, by bringing ‘the story’, laced with emotional stuff,  to the front stage to be released, unblocking the flow of energy thru our systems. Thus changing how our cells function. The Bodytalk technique uses the age old tapping technique to get the brains, yes, the 3 brains, to do the change, store the new information and digest the changes. Often life changing!

Bottom line, when there is disruption in the flow of energy it brings about discomfort and it is the scale of the energy behind the blockage that dictates our pain.

She discussed how inflammation, brought about by stress, ages our body. Chris reminded me that if we can see our stress in a different light, it changes how our neurotransmitters work. If we feel that stress is going to kill us, our body will respond to it negatively impacting our immune system, creating inflammation, but instead if when we are face with a stressful situation but know /feel that we have the resources to handle it. Our brain will be sharper and rally our strengths to handle it. We will not be as affected as the previous scenario. It comes down to belief about self.

Chris took me through a process to release a past trauma without allowing it to affect my present reality and causing stress in my life. I suffered from immense shock when I was 18 years old. I had to have a back operation due to childhood scoliosis which had a huge emotional impact on my life for years. Chris cleared some old reluctant subconscious memories of anger, resentment, guilt and despondency linked to a past life event.

The session was a resounding success as even though I felt better instantly, Chris said that it would still take a few days to process through my body. I was really looking forward to some peaceful nights of unperturbed sleep.

As Bodytalk practitioners, Chris would like think that ‘ we are like the Alchemist of old who used to change lead into gold, we are changing old patterns of beliefs into the gold of new potential’

The BT system (often described as ‘Acupuncture without needles’) taps into the body’s response, and then reveals a pathway of healing which the therapist applies accordingly. It remains one of the most profound healing modalities that most are blessed to have access to.

The conclusion of the session is purely ‘systems result-based’ meaning the therapist, in this case Chris, had absolutely no influence or opinion regarding the prognosis or treatment.

I was amazed to discover the power behind memory, old painful memories, very much alive that are embedded within the rest of our anatomy. It is clearly reflected by the pain we endure.

To end Chris took me through some breathing exercises as part of a process of ‘letting go’ which was clearly evident in the message Chris gave me from a past-life memory whereby “I carried rocks on my back as part of my daily chores ”.

Well, even if it felt like I was pinned down by some past-life scuffles I’m happy to say Chris made sure that I am back in my present embodiment, and without pain! 

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