by Traci French.
Copy Writer & Editor Chanel Lingenfelder

Apart from being spoilt with compliments and kind gestures I was thrilled to bits when Tia Wiblin from Innate Healing surprised me with a fabulous gift set from her stand after the show.

It couldn’t have come at a better time! It was a 3-Jar Magical Bath Salt Set! I was beyond finished after being on my feet from very early that morning, not to mention the build-up before the show! The moment I got home I ran a warm bath, and set the scene ready to indulge in this amazing gift from the fragrance gods personally crafted by Tia.

Although the jars were marked ‘Balance, Energise and Cleanse’ individually I thought what the heck, threw caution to the wind and mixed all three in the tub! From the moment I lowered my exhausted aching body into the miracle infused water it felt as if I was drifting off into some sublime paradise. I was overcome with ecstasy and bliss! Look, the soft music and fragrant candle helped, but this stuff was truly magical!

I slept like a baby, and even though my body clock woke me early, it felt as if I had a new lease on life! As usual I cleared my diary the day after the show to recuperate but before I knew it I was working on my laptop in high spirits without stress or strain. I was stunned because it usually takes me a few days to get-it-together. Besides the show itself, the groundwork is beyond exhausting. One thing for sure, I am never doing without these! Thank you Tia, besides the fact that I LOVE your amazing products, my body is hooked!  

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