by Traci French.
Copy Writer & Editor Chanel Lingenfelder

As many of you know I recently lost my dad. Even though I am fully aware of the life that awaits us beyond this one, it shook me no-end. I woke up feeling immense sadness, and feeling unhappy with the void he left behind. I was due to visit Thamini for a review session later that morning, which I almost cancelled, but being my punctual self I scraped myself off the office floor, got into my car and off I went to see her.

Hanako is a Japanese word meaning ‘Flower Girl’ which Thamini truly is, and with her being so gentle, soft, and kind I felt right at home. Keeping in the flow of the Japanese Zen Energy the décor of her treatment room is beautiful, detailed with clean lines, immaculate, and radiating with serenity. Initially Thamini was going to do her Energy Destress Treatment, but upon reading my questionnaire with details regarding my current state of health and wellbeing, she changed her mind and suggested I have a Hypnotherapy Treatment instead.

Great Choice I tell you! She gently eased me into the session, first taking me through a guided relaxation process, then into a deep Theta type of relaxation where she addressed the evident issues after which she concluded the session with positive reprogramming. Oh wow I felt amazing! What a difference to when I first arrived, I felt relaxed, inspired, charged and just generally very good! My mood had lifted; I distinctly sensed that the dense energy of earlier had disappeared, I felt happy!

Hypno is a complimentary therapy that uses positive auto suggestion to tap into the subconscious to bring about change within the conscious which in-turn redirect our feelings and emotions to reflect a positive change within our thoughts and behavioural patterns.

Some of the other treatments that Thamini is positively passionate about apart from Hypno is Reiki, which can be combined with crystal therapy, Crystal Healing which is the use of crystals to bring about healing be it through massage or energy work, and then there is her Corporate Wellness Day Programs which is done on location. The extensive Corporate Menu ranges from one-on-one destress sessions to group guided Visualisation sessions, all with the focus on improving production and alleviating office stress and tension.

When it comes to retail therapy Hanako has just launched an extensive range of exquisite organic products designed for us to pamper ourselves with all we desire, for after all, aren’t we so worth it!?

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