Review by Chanel Lingenfelder
Copy Writer & Editor Chanel Lingenfelder

If you are an avid searcher, be it research for a healthier family lifestyle or personal evolvement, then these events are not to be missed!

The ease and joy of online events are one of the major gems that lockdown introduced us to. We can now enjoy multiple presentations, lectures or talks from a plethora of choices right from the cosiness of our own living space, and there’s more… if you can’t make some of the events you can always go back and watch the replays. I must admit, the ‘live’ events are special because you are ‘live’ doing the same thing attending the same seminar with others from all walks of life, all spread across the globe, each in their respective time-zones, and having attended many international events myself, believe me, it counts in our favour when events like this are scheduled according to local time!

Each event hosts at least 7 live sessions, each with different presenters and themes. The day starts with an opening event like chanting or meditation and usually conclude in a similar way.

I had the most fantastic time with the last event. I missed out here and there (we all have to shop and eat) but in-between seeing to my family and doing what needs to be done I had an excellent time, and truly the fact that I wasn’t physically sitting in an auditorium with seats jammed on either side PCT for Oxandrolone of me made the whole experience far more pleasant. I didn’t have to drive anywhere or wait in a queue, and when I wanted nibbles all I had to do was make sure my snack was within reach, now that’s the style of our new normal.

The organisers are committed to making the live events interesting and diverse to not only entertain but to create a sense of ‘being part’ of it as some speakers are quite interactive. The most recent event also saw Pete Evans (handsome dude from ‘my kitchen rules’) making his appearance on “The Unified Round Table”. Michael Tellinger shared some profound insights on Ubuntu’s new project ‘one small town’ – thank you Nirvana for bringing such profound insights to our doorstep. All of the speakers were masters in their fields, and what is a day spent in heaven without a cross-over visit from Priscilla Gendron, Suki Klair, and Sue Caroll, all of whom were excellent!

Tickets are $10 (around R165) which allows you live access for the day, and up-to-date video presentations from 20 new speakers for 3 weeks following the live event to enjoy at your leisure. But, that’s not all, you will also have full access to the replays of all past event speakers from across the globe for the same length of time, covering a diverse range of topics for every need. Now if that’s not driving a good bargain, I don’t know what is! Should you wish to purchase a multiple entry ticket for the follow-up event, the price negotiates to $8!

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