Donna-Lee integrates psychotherapeutic methods such as behavioural, gestalt, child ego state, regression, existential therapies and transformative counselling with hypnotherapy as she accompanies her clients on their personal journeys of healing, allowing the opportunity to emerge with a renewed sense of wellbeing and purpose.

“I am passionate about people and their potential to live a fulfilled life and I am constantly in awe of the resilience of the human spirit.”

I also, now, embrace my disability, as it has given me huge insight and I feel a deep compassion and empathy for all those who are suffering.

The scope for this modality is very broad, from depression, anxiety disorders, adolescent and children’s issues, addictions and eating disorders, relationships, learning problems, to dealing with loss and grief and finding your deeper meaning.

Hypnotherapy is effective as a stand alone modality, and also integrates very successfully into a more comprehensive therapeutic approach. In my opinion, Hypnosis should form the foundation to all therapeutic approaches.

I have yet to find an issue for which Hypnosis has not been able to offer benefit and resolution.
BA Hons Counselling Psychology (UNISA)
BA Health Sciences and Social Services (UNISA)

Donna-Lee Deville is a member of Body and Mind.
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Nirvana, Our Interviewer
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