In my Healing Room, I offer a blend of hands-on healing (based on the Reiki system), spiritual inquiry and heart-centred life guidance. I think of this blend as ‘the Love that heals us’.

I believe in ‘listening to inspire’, giving focused, loving attention to my clients, and assisting them to work through any blocks that may be holding them from living joyfully as their Highest Self.

My personal journey with A Course in Miracles began 18 years ago. At the time I was seeking relief from the torture of ‘myself’. I had grown up with no idea who I was – other than the shy, anxious, often-unwell, awkward, people-pleasing person I unhappily thought myself to be. My ego was ferocious in keeping me small and afraid, and I was once observed as having ‘the lowest self-esteem ever’ (the flip side to the highest, Lol!). With the passing of my parents in quick succession, I found myself unable to tolerate the agony of ‘little-me’ any longer, and I embarked on a tentative journey of Self (big S) discovery..

Andrea is a member of Body and Mind.
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Nirvana, Our Interviewer
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