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AMS Coaching and Consulting with Ashika Soorju

AMS Coaching and Consulting with Ashika Soorju
Business Name: AMS Coaching and Consulting with Ashika Soorju
Detailed Description:

AMS Coaching and Consulting aims to empower, educate and coach willing individuals in the field of personal coaching and professional consulting.
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We assist you to identify your core ASPIRATION, and then effectively and carefully MAGNIFY the focus of that aspiration to create a unique map for your personalized SUCCESS.
There is knowledge to be learnt about how to create a fulfilled life; it involves understanding your mindset, your emotional development and how to calibrate your past personal and professional experiences that could be sabotaging your present and future success in relationships, money, health, career, business or over all life.
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Transformational Workshops:
Our transformational workshops are loving and gentle dedicated to magnifying human potential ,putting you in the Driver seat of your life moving toward the level of success you wish to be do or have.

Our retreats are dedicated to bring a balance between the mind, body and spirit, rejuvenate and bring aliveness to your being. Your life Matters and your well being is priority.

Personal Life Coaching:
Personal life coaching is its own unique service designed to help ambitious achievers meet outcomes that will bring them success and fulfillment.

Business and Entrepreneurial Coaching:
Our business and entrepreneurial coaching programme is designed to extract and magnify the visionary and innovator in every willing,established and aspiring entrepreneur.

Corporate Mindfulness Seminars:
Everyday in many workplaces, time, money & productivity are wasted due to overwhelmed, unfocused and tired teams. Seminars offer participants effective coping strategies & tools to optimize well being

Tailored Corporate Effectiveness Program:
Corporate Effectiveness programmes are designed by specific required outcome. Thriving businesses invest in adding value to their human capital.Our programmes are designed to drive & measure results.

ETDP Seta Certified Facilitator Courses:
This facilitator certification is available to anyone wanting to hone in on your level of expertise and teach forward. For Holistic healers &therapists quantum leap your offerings, get credentialed.
083 320 1939

Body and Mind Website Address:
Mobile Phone Number: 083 320 1939
Business Street Address: Ashika resides in Pietermaritzburg but travels for work countrywide
Province: KwaZulu-Natal
ZIP Code: 3200
  • AMS Coaching and Consulting with Ashika Soorju
  • AMS Coaching and Consulting with Ashika Soorju

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Listing Title: AMS Coaching and Consulting with Ashika Soorju

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